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31 December 2008 |
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| Happy New Year
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Happy New Year! Everyone's going WHOOO!

Okay, Good bye absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, hope to see you soon. *cries* If I pass you, I'll sure tegur you, don't worry, I won't forget you. OMG, I'm going to miss you. I must be strong, you're all grown up now, you have to lead your own life. OMG, *cries*. I better leave before my whole house floods. Bye, I hope you enjoy the rest of your life. You won't be lonely, soon, I'll give you a partner to live with. But it's not like you, it's a male. I hope you can wait for another year and I'll give you a partner, I swear. You are and always is my favourite blog. Goodbye now, good luck living without me. Belajar rajin2, kerja kuat2, nanti boleh beli F430 macam Lola punya. Byee, *cries*.

And hello, http://iztele.webs.com/, I hope we can work together well. Though I'm going to miss absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, I will try my hardest to treat you aswell as I treat her. I hope you won't give me any trouble and be a good blog like how absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com has been. I think I better stop comparing. Anyway, I hope you don't mind to every change I made on you, I really hope you don't mind. So, *shakes hands* sila beri tunjuk ajar. Oh and last but not least, if you want to tag my new blog please tag it as http://iztele.webs.com/apps/blog/ as I won't be using the homepage and this has also been stated on iztele.webs.com.

Happy New Year!
Goodbye 2008. Goodbye absoluteloudness.blogspot.com.
Hello 2009. Hello iztele.webs.com.

| Nananenana
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Haha. 4th post today. I have a feeling that I will miss this thing.
Oh and papa, as I said before, I won't give you your Lenovo back until you give me Photoshop. HAha.
How mean am I? The net book ain't even mine. Haha. Oh well.
Tonight before 11:30PM, I'm gonna make a post with the time that says 12:00AM because my dad blocks the internet at 11:30PM so don't go 'It's not even New Year yet and your post is already there.'
I'm using Webs for everyone's information. But I think I'll get bored using it and I'll probably jump back to Blogger. I can't remember what my URL is, how sad am I? Very, I know.


I'm not telling you yet. =P

| Wow, this guy can't stop accusing.
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And wow, 3 posts in a day which means this might be my second-last post on this blog.

Amer, aku akan tolong kau beritahu satu dunia. Tengok, aku baik.
Some people tend to think that they are much superior from others just because they spend a couple of years overseas. They would constantly say thinks like "Oh When I was in the UK we did thinks better!" or "If I were in UK they would handle things like this..." even this " Malaysia sucks compare to UK!". Oh oh they would also speak in English with an accent as in to show off to other people that the had been living overseas for a year or two... [more]
-Amer Arif
This was meant for me. He doesn't know me AT ALL may I say and he goes accusing me. Ishk3. A lot of sins he made. Go on read it and click the comments at the bottom of the post. Wait, it would be easier if I posted it here.

This is what I replied:
WOW. indeed very not-offensive. Correction, I was in Manchester for 5 years. And for your information, I did grow up overseas. Just because I don't mix with you that doesn't mean I don't mix with other malaysians. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and as far as I know, ALL of my friends can understand everything I say. People who can't understand are the people that either doesn't know english or people who doesn't want to even try to understand. Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. Oh and when I went to Manchester, I was only in Year 1 which means I didn't know how to speak english then which means I learnt english there which means you better stop accusing people. Oh and yeah, probably I did say something like I hate Malaysia but that was ages ago before all the malays stopped calling me a show off, before all the malays accepted me and before all the malays treated me like a malay. And if I said that UK is better, I'm just telling the truth, who wouldn't agree? UK is a developed country and Malaysia is a developing country.
Oh go on, accuse lah lagi. And yeah, probably I did spell it like that on purpose to show you that you're not everything as how you act like you you are but I didn't do it to show off, bare that in mind.

| 2009 New Year's Resolution
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I guess this will be me second-last post.
This post is mostly for myself, yes myself.

Asma's 2009 New Year's Resolution that probably will never happen:
  1. Don't be rude to my parents?
  2. Get along with my bloody siblings. Pftthh.
  3. Be calm when someone gets on my nerves. I'm panas baran, that's why.
  4. Don't bully Ahmad Muaz Hazim. Another pfthhh.
  5. Straight A1s in all the tests. Eceehh.
  6. Get my ass out of the house and cycle everyday.
  7. Act more mature, like I'm not matured enough?
  8. Stop getting pissed easily.
  9. Get to know my D80 more, which means more reading.
  10. Master web designing. ;)
  11. Get my photographs that I took printed on canvas and stuck to my bedrooms' walls.
  12. Use my OWN web design on my web. =P
  13. Do my chores without being asked to. Pftthhh.
  14. Stop kutuk-ing all my teachers. A big HAHA.
  15. Complete my log books for scout.
And sadly, that's all I can think of. Pa, I need dreamweaver to make my resolutions happen. Haha.

| Goodbye
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Goodbye Lenovo S10, it kills me to see you leave. Yes, I have to return this net book to my dad as my computer's fixed. I guess I'll have to get used on typing on the keyboard again. *cries*
Goodbye Absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, it have been great working with you but now I have to leave. This may be my second-last time using you. *cries*
Goodbye 2008, I've been through lots this year, MOST OF THEM KILLS but lots of memories been created this year. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS.
- D80, its great. But I still miss my 20D. =)
- SMK Sect 5, a great school. =)
- 1 Gigih, a great class but I'm kinda dissapointed. *shrugs*
- My leaving party, it was great. thanks. =)
- SMK BRP, friends are great but the school is a *geleng2*. =(
- 1 Bestari, I still don't understand this class. =
- Qamaryna, made me remember Lola. thanks? =)
- Kawad kaki, I proper hate that guy. =(
- 1B's party sucks like hell. =(
- Genting with my cousins. GREAT. =D
- Hakim at kampung. GREATEST. =P
- Ahmad Muaz Hazim. No words to describe. =D
- Sleepover, could have gone better but it was great joining back together again. =D
- End of 2008. =D =) = =( ='( ?

No, this isn't my last post. I will officially put a THE END to this blog, tomorrow.

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OF http://absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com .

30 December 2008 | 301208
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Means 1 more day until bye-bye blogger and hello wordpress. Haha. OMG, time flies proper quick. My allergy naik because it can scent that the school holiday's coming to an end. I want to go to New Zealand with Aida, their holidays end on Feb, wicked innit?! I'm raeding Breaking Dawn for the 3rd time, no 4th. Haha. I have no books to read man, what can I do? I better get my wordpress ready. My tummy's grumbling.

I want to,be happy by spending time with family and friends, do my homeworks, which i usually dont i mean never, get good grades better than asma's ;), to pray 5 waktu.
- Qamaryna
Terharu aku, why not better than N. Farhana, why Asma? Hahaa. :P

29 December 2008 | Motherboard.
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I went to Cineleisure at The Curve, not to the cinemas though, to the IT shops at the ground floor. Went to one of the shop and ...

G1=Guy 1
G2=Guy 2
G3=Guy 3

P: Kat sini jual motherboard tak?
G1: Bang, motherboard tu apa?
G2: Haha, kau, motherboard pun tak tau.
G1: Haha, kalau kau tau sangat, motherboard tu apa?
G2: *grins and walk away*
Us: *walked out of the shop then walked to the other section of the shop*
G2: Weyh, mother board to apa?
G3: Alaa, kalau kau bukak computer, motherboard yang paling besar tu.
G2: Kiteorg jual tak?
G3: *geleng2*
G1: Bang, kiteorg tak jual motherboard
Me: *tahan gelak, tahan gelak*

Apalah, kedai IT, motherboard pun tada. I need a motherboard for my comp, that's why we went.

Ouh and I saw 2 gay couples at MetroJaya. HAHA.

Eh-DONE. alrriiighhhtt

| Impianku.
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When I grow up I want to be a mineral engineer. Mineral engineers are usually rich. And I want to be rich. Mata duitan, they would call me but bare in mind, I won't marry some rich guy just for their money, I SWEAR. I want to have a pen house with a private swimming pool. I want to Lola's Ferrari F430, only if it was real. Only if, only if. What I plan to do in my life seems to be too much for me right now. My dad has always wanted one of us to be a mineral engineer. But wait a second, what's wrong with me? *knocks my head* Wanting to be a mineral engineer just for the money. I'm not even interested in mineral engineering, though I'm not actually interested in anything. I'm so sad, very sad.

28 December 2008 | Kg.Jalan Kebun
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Ter-over excited!
I drive like a MANIAC! who cares.

My instructor dad was really proud of my driving. *glad*
Just before my first drive on my dad's TRITON. =D

Just got back from 4X4-ing with Pak Ngah at Jalan Kebun. and OMG, I BLOODY DROVE THE TRITON! Agak best lah, but still tak puas. Went to this place that was lapang then apalagi kan, kalau Haziq (year 2) boleh drive, takkan aku takleh drive. :P Before we went, my dad did say that we weren't allowed to but he changed his mind and OMG, I BLOODY DROVE THE TRITON!

27 December 2008 | It's my BLOODY SISTER from the bloody sisterz bufday today.
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Happy Birthday, bloody sister!!!
Happy Birthday NINA! Today is your birthday innit? Nina put a bloody alarm on my phone saying it's her birthday today when she came to my house
the other day. How sad of you Nina. I can remember you know, I'm still not nyanyok.


Happy Birthday bloody Nina,
Next time you come I'm gonna kill ya.
I don't need you to remind me of your birthday,
But you still had to do it, the other day.

Well, have a great birthday, mate,
while watching Catherin Tate.
I can't bloody think of anything to say,
But you my bloody sister, always make my day.

Hahaha. sad innit!

26 December 2008 | Bloody Embarrasing.
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Went online to search for a watch to buy. Then after my dad came back from praying, went to MidValley. Searched for the watch but they were like RM500 when I saw it online only for RM200. Gay, no? After that, I went to Bukit Antarabangsa, had to clean it up and the bell thingy won't work. How sad.
Went to McD on the way home, rushing to get home before Dr Adam arrives. Came home, cleaned everything, cooked the currypuff then made tea. I brought the mug that I usually give to family and close friends. I brought it to the front, half way, my dad stopped me and guided me to the kitchen saying "Kenapa guna ni?", "Apalahh," Okayyy. I know, you don't know what I'm talking about. My dad got to the kitchen and took the cup from the italian then started saying "You should have used this one," so I went "How should I know? Only family and close friends came to our house," and then he went " I know, I know, you learnt something today," then I went "I know I did, you don't have to rub it in my face -.-'," then he laughed. -.-'

Eh-DONE. Oriiiiigghhhttt

| Spectacles
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I found my specs and it kills wearing it. I think my power bertambah or something but seriously pening bila pakai. I don't have any idea why. Ouchh. HEADACHE. I need to get a new one
1) because I get a headache wearing it,
2) because the paint has scraped off,
3) because it's now retarded.
My dad said jumpa yang lama, baru boleh beli yang baru. =D

25 December 2008 | Betrayal
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My nails betrayed me. I got scratched by my own nails. How very sad. Wanted to go to One Utama but thingy, there was a jam. There were like millions of cars trying to get a parking so didn't go. Instead, I'm going tomorrow, Boxing Day, my dad doesn't have to work. So yeay!


Went to One Utama after all, went at 5 somin', can't stand sitting at home with those great cousins of mine. Searched for a watch shop but all of them are like, craps. Actually, they aint, but like, there were Swatch, a shop that only sell Guess and another shop that sells watches that costs more than RM1,000. So like, yeah. Since tomorrow's boxing day in the UK my dad doesn't have to work which means another day out. *grins* Probably going to Mid Valley (watch) and the Digital Mall (motherboard). PROBABLY. Oh and surely will go to Bukit Antarabangsa. Have to kemas-kemas the house before Auntie Marissa move in next week. Which means more footlong sausage thingy, innit pa?

Catherine Tate is my bloody idol, innit. Is ittt? Yes it is. Alrrriiiggghhtt. You're so bloody annoying. Am I bovvered? Face look bovvered? No but... Look at my face, look at my face. *nods* Look at my face. I am looking at your face. Now ask me if I'm bovvered. Ask... Alright I'll.. Ask me if I'm bovvered, ASK ME IF I'M BOVVERED! I wi... Ask me if I'm bovvered. I'll ask you if... Ask me if I'm bovvered. Look, face, bovvered, catherine, sucks, i ain't bovvered, look, face, bovvered? LOOK AT MY FACE! Are you bothered? No, I AIN'T BOVVERED! Okaaayy? But Catherine Tate is kinda still my bloody idol. Are you calling me stupid? No. Are you disrespecting my family? Are you calling my grandpa a wino? I am not disrespecting your family. Are you disrespecting me, though? Are you calling me a pikey? No, I am not. I'm sure your grandpa is a great guy and I am not disrespecting you. *stares* Am I bovvered? NO YOU'RE NOT. Alriiigghhhtt.


Eh-DONE. Alrriiigghhhttt.

| Christmas Eve
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All the roofs around my house are jumping up and down with the 'WOOs!' No, I didn't stay awake to hear them shout, I stayed awake because of Runescape.
Talking about Christmas, I didn't give Morgan a Christmas card, SHIT! I sent her one last year but not this year. I'll probably just send her a New Year's card. I wish I have Manisha's address, I kinda miss her. She wasn't there on my last day, she went to India.

Eh-DONE for now.

24 December 2008 | Celebrations
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Celebration day, COME ON!
Yesterday my dad brought Celebrations back home from KLIA. =D
2 cases of Celebrations. Thanks, Pa!

Before, K. Aisyah shampoo-ed my hair with dish washing liquid, so I washed her clothes and pillow with Palmolive. Atleast, it smells nice.

Since my computer's motherboard needs changing, I now hog my dad's Lenovo S10. And because this Lenovo is a netbook, I spend my day downstairs looking after Muaz. Which I actually don't have to because Mami is usually taking care of him. I have seen a change in myself and that is, I don't use the computer//netbook twentyfour-seven anymore. Today and yesterday, no one came except Acik Kamar, yesterday. So it was kind of peaceful in this house. But my mum said that tomorrow, maybe, lots of people will come, so here comes the nightmare. I should be grateful and thankful that people are coming because they're coming to give Ahmad Muaz Hazim their blessings but I'm kinda not because it also means I have to cook, clean and all those stuff. If you come, Aisyah will cook you currypuff as we have around 100 currypuff locked in our freezer right now. Those currypuff are nice I tell you, I'm addicted to them, like how I'm addicted to Nasi Briyani. *wink*


21 December 2008 | 200th POST!!!
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Had a 200th post anniversary with a sleepover.
this post will be updated tomorrow as I am bloody sleepy. HAHA xD.

Hallo motto.
I'm chatting to bloody syafiq and he's being bloody sad. I don't even know who the bloody 'eyl he is but he goes bloody insulting me. Who the bloody 'eyl does he think he is? Bloody kids these days. Ishk3.
I got a new best friend called Ahmad Muaz Hazim, TAKE THAT! *eyes closed, tongue's out*
Anyway, no offence but the sleepover was BLOOOOODY BORING. Seriously. I guess Aisyah H. bloody grew up. All of us (Me, Nina, Munirah and Kak Atin) wants to play stuff like truth and dare and all but Aisyah Haziqah was bloody stuck on her bloody laptop, chatting to bloody Izzudin the whole bloody time. So Nina and I got bloody pissed off. So at the end, we didn't do any prank calls. and sushi didn't work out. It would if bloody Aisyah H. took her eyes off the laptop for atleast one second. IT WOULD. I'm bloody pissed off. Because it didn't work out. Next time, lets make a sleepover while bloody aisyah's in asrama yeahh? (K. Aisyah threatened me to delete it.)
Anyway, after Aisyah have said "kita buat nanti lah" so many bloody times, me and Nina decided to go to my room so we won't have to hear that bloody "kita buat nanti lah".
Nina and I chatted to Ariffin and Izzat and I'll put it up once my computer can 'lari'. Oh and I was telling Ariffin how he's such a bloody stuck up now, but he doesn't bloody care and he said something like people change.
IDK what to say now. Oh yeah, yesterday.
In the morn, my aunt came so we all had to cook and they didn't bloody eat so what a waste, innit? And a bit after that, my other aunt came and we were all upstairs making sushi. So we was like laughing our heads off and all. Then we ran out of Japanese Rice so me and Munirah went downstairs to cook rice. After that we was bored, so we all went to the playground. Then it got to warm so we went back home. Then we finished off out sushi then Munirah and Nina had to go home. Then I went to Carrefour, then when I came back Auntie Ana came. After that I went to sleep. Before, my brother went back to kampung. Now I have a NEW job and that is to help my mum prepare to mandi-kan Muaz and then to clean up after Muaz mandi.


20 December 2008 | SLEEPOVER!
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This is what Nina bloody wrote to bloody narrow minded Hafidzi. And I'm bloody proud of her. He bloody needs to be taught something. I'm bloody glad I have my own room because if I bloody don't, our bloody sisters will bloody stop us from bloody writing all these bloody stuff. It's bloody good innit? Take our bloody example you bloody people.
- From our bloody hearts.


Munirah, Nina and Kak Atin!!!
Munirah and Nina and Kak Aisyah and I made lasagna just then. And i'm complimenting myself, but it is PROPER NICE! BEAUTIFULL! SEDAP GILA NAK MMPS! hahahaha.

The sleepover haven't officially started yet, kena tunggu Auntie Ana balik and then we'll start rocking our self to sleep. WTH? ahaha.
We're gonna make sushi tonight! Oh yeahhh.
And prank calling.

19 December 2008 | Baby Muaz
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Papa and Mami's new hero in the family, my new person to bully and Hakim's new mate.
There'yar, he's 1 day, 9 hours and 43 minutes old. Haha, but I'm not sure how many seconds.

| Hello, little kid.
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Welcome home, Ameer, I mean Muaz! *pissed off face*.
Pa, the pissed off face is because his name ain't gonna be Ameer. Thats why.
Yeah, my mum and Muaz is back home and they're making a little camp downstairs in front of the TV with KAisyah's bed.
Just then, KAisyah transformed Mami's room. Haha. And that's because she will be staying there until Mami feels better. =D
Bigger space for the sleepover with Nina and Munirah. SUSHII! gahh, seriously can't wait.


One thing, if mami and papa wants me to help with mandy-ing the baby, I ain't doing it. I'll only help him wear his clothes AFTER the pampers been put on. I am not going to look at any parts of his body that is suppose to be CENSORED. Haha!

Congrats to Asma.
For the baby brother yesterday.
- Nurul Farhana
Thank you?


Oh, oh. Muaz cries and the whole house will gegar, even I woke up when he cried and he was downstairs and my door was closed. *exxagerating* Andand, when I complained about it, my dad was like ''Jangan cakap banyak, dulu2 kamu pun sama." :P
Hahaaa. Panas gile bilik akuu. Is usually cold, from the aircond in the morning because I close my door so all the cold air stays inside but today it went from close to open.

Muaz is sooooo cute and chubby macam kakak abang dia.

18 December 2008 | unexpected
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Okay, now I'm going to show you my conversation with Nurul Farhana about what happened this morning.

Asma Hamid: oh haha
Asma Hamid: and pagi tadi, my dad was like, mami bersalin on the 11th (Well thats what i heard him say)
Asma Hamid: and then he went, kteorg nk pgi hospital so i was like kenapa?
Asma Hamid: and my dad said tak nak jumpe mami ke. so i was like watpe nak jumpe mami?
Nurul Farhana: hahahaha
Asma Hamid: then sampai2 hospital tgk2 my mum nak masuk labour room so i was like, you said mami nak bersalin on the 11th! and he went, manada i said at 11.


And another convesation about the baby's name.

Nurul Farhana: whats his name??
Asma Hamid: his name?
Asma Hamid: not sure
Asma Hamid: but my mum wants it to be Ahmad Muaz Hazim
Asma Hamid: but I want it to be Ahmad Ameer Hazim
Nurul Farhana: hahaha
Asma Hamid: but my mum wants Muaz and me and my sister wants Ameer
Nurul Farhana: so then... what happens?
Asma Hamid: So, we're not sure. If his name is Ahmad Muaz Ameer, it doesn't sound right
Asma Hamid: kalau Ahmad Ameer Muaz pun cam, entah
Asma Hamid: does it sound okay|?
Nurul Farhana: haha
Nurul Farhana: it's a bit hard to say
Nurul Farhana: :?
Asma Hamid: and then my other brother spoilt mine and my sister's day, he won't support us on calling him Ameer, so then kteorg mcm gler mrh kt dia, and my sistersaid when he comes back home, we're not going to speak to him
Nurul Farhana: hahahahaha
Nurul Farhana: your brother wants the name your mom chose?
Asma Hamid: Ahmad Ameer Muaz sounds weird too
Asma Hamid: my brother don't really mind asalkan ada Hazim kat dalam
Nurul Farhana: hahah.
Asma Hamid: but me and my sister have a stronger thingy, because theres two of us
Asma Hamid: but then my dad wants to support my brother because he USED to be the only son my dad got
Asma Hamid: Urghh!
Nurul Farhana: :)
Nurul Farhana: you have to decide by next week right?
Asma Hamid: I'm not sure
Nurul Farhana: haha
Asma Hamid: but my mum did say kalau nama dia bukan Ameer pun, we can still call him Ameer, but yano, when you it goes like that, when we call him Ameer, it won't sound right
Nurul Farhana: haha. and mesti die confused.
Asma Hamid: exactly

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My mum's delivering at 11AM. UNEXPECTED.
Yeah, so like, doa from all of you is appreciated. =)


Anyway, for next year, I'm going to blog using WORDPRESS! Because it looks cool.

Ahmad Muaz Hazim is now born. (Alaaa! I don't want that name)
Ahmad Ameer Hazim is now alive. (The name I want)
No, I'm not getting what I want this time. My mum's like, dah ada Amirul dah. And I was like its Ameer. Ay, em, double-ee, arrr. Arghh.
Oh and my mum said panggil je lah dia Ameer, I don't mind. -.-'

This also means that I have to remember a new date, 18th December. Haish.
But wait, look at this, Papa-Sept Me-Oct Mami-Nov Baby-Dec
HAHAHA. how gay. But my birthday is still in between my mum and my dad's, so take that lil' kid! I have a STRONG feeling that I will be jealous of this new addition to this family.

My 'new' brother was born on exactly 11AM, cool, no? Haha. And today's also Kak Shu's birthday, cool innit! No, I just killed it.

17 December 2008 | Runescape Christmas Event 2008
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Runescape Christmas Event 2008 : CHECK.
I got a set of Santa clothes. But instead of pants, I got a skirt. I wore it with my rainbow boots (Security quest) , my white and red scarf (Christmas Event 2006) and my red and white hat (Christmas Event 2006). It looks good together. Oh and at the Mystical Quest, well, I kinda cheated. Haha, it's kinda hard, kene guna otak. So I used Wikipedia, hehe. I was trying to take a screenshot of my character in runescape but it turned out pixeled, so yeahh. Ouch, my neck hurts and my nose and my throat. Ouch. Ouch. I haven't showered yet. =P Hehe. I think I'm going to shower after this. I'm not sure yet. Why am I telling you all this?

Kak Aisyah's taking her RAE test in around 1 hour. And she'll be stuck in the hall for 1-3 hour(s). My dad said they won't let you out until 1 hour has past. Andand she'll have to answer 100 questions and if she wants to pass she has to answer atleast 50 questions correct. And as I said yesterday she'll be one of the first fourteen years old to take the RAE test. Which is not really fair, for me. haha. But I mean, if she pass the test and if she gets a callsign who is she going to QSO with? She'll still have to wait for Nurul and me, innit? Haha.Urghh, we have to wait like a whole year. ARGHH. and since mine and Nurul's birthday is on October we have to wait a whole year. Only if we were born on January or somin, we can take the test early next year. Only if... only if... only if...

Aaaa! I really want to wear those robes to school.


I just came back from Tesco. I bought all the stationaries I'll need for next year. Oh and theres a photography class this Saturday but I'm not going because two someones that are very special to me are coming to visit who are FatManScoop and GayFag. Joke je lah. haha. Nina and Munirah's coming over. Which means How to Make Sushi Take 2. =D Can't waitt. Hehe


'ey everyone! Listen Up! I mean READ UP!
Lola has a blog! She I just made it before. Her URL is http://lolapedia.blogspot.com/ . I'm going to add it to my 'minutely boredness'. Because she bores me.

16 December 2008 | Tak faham ke?
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Some people just doesn't understand what this means :

And when they don't understand, this is what they do:

I would have canceled her name and the picture but I don't feel like it. People like these really pisses me off. NO OFFENCE. I'm not boasting or anything but on my Myspace, I have 200 friends (not much, i know). But, I don't even contact with like half of them. They just crowd my myspace and that's why I don't want people who doesn't know me, to add me because they'll end up being denied. What part of I AM NOT FRIENDLY, don't they understand? Not is used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition. And friendly is a characteristic of or befitting a friend. And why the 'eck am I writing all this in my blog?


I just uploaded pictures on my Myspace, not like any of you would care. Okay, I have nothing to talk about but I'm a new fan of Taylor Swift. LOL. I didn't know she sang Teardrops On My Guitar. Haha, seriously. And my favourite song got to be 'Love Story' and 'Forever and Always'. I find her really cool, I mean, she writes a song for like every changes in her life. So yeah, that's kinda cool. Andand it 'seems' like she lives her life like normal teenagers. She is still a teenager innit? Adults are 21+, kan? Okay, what I'm trying to say is, like, Miley Cyrus, she goes over-the-top with her life of being famous and all and Taylor Swift is always cool about it (kot). Do not correct me if I'm wrong. =P. Taylor Swift she's not OBSSESED with herself like some famous people (pointing fingers at ...). Haha. I should stop now, shouldn't I?

Oooo. Tomorrow, RAE exam. Good Luck sistaahhh. See, I'm kind, you go pissing me off at the dinner table but look, I'm still wishing you luck. Next time, appreciate what I do, atleast I made the drink and atleast i pour it in the glass innit. Oh, and making fun of my cooking is very fun innit? *sarcasm*


15 December 2008 | < b l a n k >
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I went to school before, to buy all the books for next year. I also went to The Store to buy the groceries. I then went to the kitchen, to cook.
The food I cook ended up 'tawar'. Oh well. :P
I want to make yorkshire puddings! Haven't had 'em for ages. The last time I ate them was like at Cheetwood Primary's Christmas 'lunch' 2006. Yeah, I know. 2 years mann. I searched for yorkies at Tesco, but there ain't any. How sad, I know.
And foh dinnah ma mova said we'll be 'aving jacket po'a'o.
Heee. =D

It's a snowy day today, we're having lots of fun... - snowy day today by Naimi, Aisyah and Asma.
Haha, i forgotten the lyrics already. Have it in one of the books but yeah, probably lost it.

My sister has an RAE test the day after tomorrow. Aisyah and 2 other will be the first fourteen years old that'll take the RAE test. Yeah, I'm kinda jealous, me and nurul (kot) wants to be the first fourteen years old to pass the test.

Will you believe me if I said I can live without friends? No, I don't think so, I don't even believe it myself, so why would yoi? I do not know what I am crapping about right now but I don't think you care. When will Nurul Farhana go online? I mean, she's USUALLY online 24/7 but where is she now?

Have you realized that I played around with this layout? Do you want to know why? Well, it's because those pictures on the right before was so annoying. Well, kinda annoying.

Okay, I like Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their uniform are PROPER COOL! They wear graduation gowns (wait, robes) as a school uniform. I wish our school's like that. But the robes are like proper thin so like, we won't feel proper warm. And I like them because under the robes, we'll have to wear other clothes so yeah, its like mint. Wear our own clothes, innit, uniquely the same, if yano what i mean. And, and, you can choose your own extra colour. I mean, extra colour as in, yano, those extra colours that they have at the hood and yano, that thing that goes around your neck, like those ties thingy. andand, the teachers have to wear 'em aswell! teachers wear gold robes . normal students wear white robes. prefects wear light blue robes. xD haha. and they can choose the extra colours. =D andand, normal students get lots of advantages, because white will match any colour. Ohh, I'm going over the top now. I should stop with my crapping, but i really think it'll be cool if yano, we can wear 'em to school. If we have to wear the robes as our school uniform, i'll be really really ... (can't find a word). OH I JUST WISH THAT WILL HAPPEN. Oh, and, the whole school is in one building with airconds in. so like the robes wouldn't make us feel warm. *slaps myself* snap out of it.

14 December 2008 | Hiya mate,
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Today I went to Bukit Antarabangsa to check on my house. It doesn't look done. -.-'
Then I went to Wangsa Maju to go to Mak Zam's house. I HELPED Kak Lang cook and all. *WOW*
Then went to Giant for KAisyah's school uniform, then came back home and slept.

And Nina and Munirah are coming to my house next week. Something to look forward to, innit. I'm not in the mood for blogging, as you can tell.


I laughed while reading this article about the Twilight series.

To put it simply, dear reader, I was horrified. Not just by the sickeningly purple prose or the lack of general writing quality, but the books themselves are insulting on every level-as a woman, as a teenager, as a literature student, and as a graduate of the Harry Potter craze. What’s worse is that so few seem to realize it... [more]

Keep your opinions to yourself like what I'm doing now.


Kellan Rice really cracks me up. I wonder why I'm putting this all up, he posted his acrticles like ages ago and now, after a few months, I want to bring it back up. I guess I just like to show that I can be sarcastic like him aswell. But I weren't being sarcastic when I said that I laughed while reading his articles. It's really funny, I got to admit. I think he should publish a book titled 'Sarcasm' and see if he could sell more than 1.3 million books in a single day.

How to Write a Bestseller Just Like Twilight:

1. Abuse the thesaurus (correct word usage optional; purple prose is a must). If you want to ‘spice up’ your writing so that it sounds just like Meyer’s... [more]


And Kellan Rice made Asma Hamid laugh her head off, again. STRIKE! Okay, that sounded gay. Kellan Rice has an attitude and that attitude of hers goes inside her articles. All, wait, nearly all her articles makes me laugh my head off. But it didn't come off. Here's one.

Artists’ work gets leaked all the time. But why is Stephenie Meyer’s case so terrible that she has decided to cease writing the Midnight Sun altogether? Frankly, it’s bewildering and Meyer’s behavior seems to be much more similar to that of a spoilt child than of a professional author... [more]

It really seems like I'm trying to piss this woman off, but to let you know the truth, I'm not. I mean like, people has their opinions and all but sometimes they way she 'voice out' her opinions are kinda harsh. Wait, I wasn't going to talk about that. I wanted to talk about her attitude that she puts in her articles. I wanted to talk about how much I like her articles. Yes, I like her articles. I like the attitude she puts in those articles. But bare in mind, I didn't say I agreed with her opinions. I do respect her opinions and all but yeah...

13 December 2008 | Wildchild.
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Have you watched it? It's stupid!
Haha. Fine, it ain't that stupid.
But the sad thing about it is, Alex Pettyfer ain't got a lot of parts in there. So yeah, sad.
I haven't showered yet. :P
Why would you care innit? OMG. Today's Saturday and I'm disliking it.
I wanna read the twilight saga again. =D
Okay, I only read the good bit. Too scared to read the un-good bit.
I don't want to have a nightmare do I?
Oh yeah, I didn't sleep well lastnight. I kept sneezing. Can't stop sneezing. =(
and yesterday I watched Grease! HAHA! It was funny, KAisyah and Shami singing. LETS LAUGH.


NURUL FARHANA! Guess what you did? You made me listen to Love Story By Taylor Swift the whole day. I can't stop listening to it now. Haha. (Tak pasal2, kene marah) =P
Yes, I can't stop listening to that song. Ouch, that song is in my head now.


God, help me out here. Stop my addiction on the twilight saga. I can't stop reading it, you know. 'course you don't know. Arrrgghh, and New Moon the movie's coming out NEXT YEAR DECEMBER. That's like a whole year. I have to wait a whole freaking year.
O. N. E. W. H. O. L. E. Y. E. A. R. and I can't live with that. :(
Alaaaaa. Why? Why? I bet you, tonight I'm gonna read one of the book from the twilight series. Caya tak? Caya tak? Cayaa, lahhh. Haha. Oh yeah, I had pasta for dinner.
OMG. My cousin's pissing me off. OMG. Rasa cam nak bunuh er. Fine, tak sampai tu but still. Cam urghh.


I'm going to bed now. And the same as yesterday, just going on the bed, I ain't gonna sleep.


12 December 2008 | mornin'
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This will be my 3rd post for this holiday of updating-as-I-go, if yano what I mean, which I hope you can 'coz I aint explaining. =D As I said yesterday, I started reading Twilight and now I am on a chapter called The Game. Yesterday, while I was reading, I read something funny and kinda mean.

"...Rosalie brought her... tenacity. Or you could call it pigheadedness," he chuckled.
Very mean, innit?

I made cheese cake. I forgotten how to spell cheese then. Haha.

My cousins are at my house. Be aware. I mean, beware.
I locked my doors. =D haha. and soon I'll have to clean up this room. Glad to do so.
Anyway, that cheese cake, was very soft. Used a different cream innit. See how things can change by just a little change. Doesn't make sense? Haha. Anyway, I'm re-reading twilight and I have no idea wow. *Knocks my head on the wall*. Okay, I still want to read it, which means, there must be something wrong with me, not my brain. Okay, that doesn't make any sense either. My throat, it burnssss! I'm thristy, I need blood a drink. I better shower, before it's too late... and I can't wait for you to be gone. I'm distracted, so easily. Whats with me? Too much of Twilight. Anyway, for EVERYONES INFORMATION, I've finished reading the Twilight series. And I am GILA PROUD of myself. *sekali sekala apa salahnya?*
*Slaps myself* I just remembered that I need to shower. So like, bye. FOR NOW.

Before, I seriously can't eat peacefully. I kept feeling like bursting, seriously. One of my cousins, what's his name? Aiyoo. lupe. How mean. Well, he was saying that his teacher thought him the 2 words 'SHUT UP!'. So apalagi en, gelak arr. I was drinking that time so I nearly burst.

I was thinking, I read Midnight Sun innit, well, after Edward took a bite of that pizza he was like "I sighed as I thought of how I would have to choke it back up later," and I was like "oh yes, vampires don't go to toilets," and I was thinking:
Question: Where does the blood he drinks end up?
Answer: Well, he drinks the blood for energy which means the blood runs out, which means, the blood is like energy. Well, i just said that. Which means blood is their energy and food is our source of energy.
OMG. I'm crapping again.

I'm off to bed. Not sleeping, but to the bed. Haha. I have no mood to stay up late. Because I'll end up sleeping at 3 re-reading *lemme see what i want to re-read* Eclipse?
*sigh* Why am I so addicted to these craps.


Ehh, ehh. Lupe pulak.

Eh-DONE. *Baru betul*

11 December 2008 | Midnight Sun
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Yes, I've started reading it.
Emmett rolled his eyes and shook his head.
Lost his mind, poor kid.
I find it funny. =P
I find lots of stuff funny even stuff that aren't funny is funny to me.
What does she see in that freak? Sure, he's rich, I guess. Chick think he's hot, but I don't see that. Too... too perfect. I bet his dad experiments with plastic surgery on all of them. That's why they're all so white and pretty. It's not natural. And he's sort of scary looking. Sometimes when he stares at me, I 'd swear he's thinking about killing me... Freak...
Haha! That was Mike's thought. Bodoh gila.

I just showered and I just ate.
Before, I spilled Thai Chilly Sauce all over my plate and all over the dining room table. Well, my part of the table. Haha. Clumsy.

Done with reading Midnight Sun, next would be Twilight. How gay of me, reading the other books before reading Twilight. Huhu. Atleast I know what will happen, innit?
Arghh. My back aches and my eyes. ouchh. Staring at the computer screen and not looking away from the computer screen fore 1 hour straight. Wouldn't that hurt you? I prefer it on paper if yano what I mean. Why the 'eyl am I talking to myself again. I need my specs, but I think I need to make new once. 'Coz I lost it. =P Gahaha.

Okay, this thing has really been bugging me. I wanted to post it since this morning. But didn't bother to. It's proper annoying. It keeps going around2 in my head:
Yes me lugaso. Yes, that is french they're speaking and no these children aren't french, they're British.
Haha. Call me weird. It was an advert in Manchester that I just remembered. Annoying sihh. It keeps repeating in my head.

Hello again. I just ate my dinner. And really full. I have started to read Twilight from Chapter:Complication. That is because I am too lazy to read the ones before. I'm just going to get tired of it.
Anyway, I would like to share my thoughts for today as Edward Cullen can't read me. (Bodoh gila!)

In Twilightthemovie, I really like Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) the most. And I surely do not know why. I guess it's her hair, no, it's not that. Ashley looks fragile but she's much stronger than what she looks like. So, I don't want to explain the reason for each Cullen//Hale so I'm just going to list it out. Bare in mind, this list is based on the movie not in the book(s).
1. Alice Cullen
2. Jasper Hale
3. Edward Cullen
4. Emmett Cullen
5. Rosalie Hale
(I don't want to include Esme and Carlisle as I really don't know my impressions of them.)

In Twilight the series, I obviously like Edward Cullen the most and I have no idea why. The 'like' in the sentence 'I like Edward Cullen' strengthened after I read Midnight Sun. And again, same for Alice, I do not know why. But probably it's because of his personality. I can totally imagine how he is but I can't describe it, Sorry. And again I will list it out in the other I prefer them in.
1. Edward Cullen
2. Alice Cullen
3. Emmett Cullen
4. Rosalie Hale
5. Jasper Hale
(As you can see, again, I did not include Esme and Carlisle and the reason is the same as what I stated before.)

10 December 2008 | I can't think of a title
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Today's post will be updated as the time past. Meaning, I'll type more stuff in, not like you guys care innit. -.-' I guess I'm talking to myself again.

I just finished sweeping and mopping the floor and I AM EXHAUSTED. Started at 8 I think and right until just then. SOOOOOOOO TIRED. I needa shower. Needa freshen myself up.

I just finished showering now I want to put my movie on play after leaving it on pause for a whole night. =D

I just made cupcakes cup-bread, so basically, I just made breads in cups. That sounds a little stupid. Oh, sack it. Anyway, It doesn't taste like cupcakes. Mami, buy more of Auntie Faridah's cupcakes, please. =D Anyway, I'm hungry but my food haven't finished baking yet. It's potato cake or somin like that. After I pray, I'm going to continue my reading. I'm on Book 3, 28;The future in Breaking Dawn.

Calm down. Calm down.
I guess, the only way to calm me down is to read something. :)
Breaking Dawn - 29; Defection

Breaking Dawn - Chapter 30; Irresistible
I'm getting scared. Asma, you scary cat!

Breaking Dawn - Chapter 32; Company
I actually know what will happen, read it on Wikipedia. I actually knew since way before I read Eclispe. I read it like when i read 2nd Chapter on New Moon, I think.

I just made myself maggie not like any of you would care. Hahaa.
Chapter 33;Forgery. Call me a slow reader, I admit. But I only read it 'slow' because I want that picture in my head. Sometimes, I even read it twice, if yano what I mean.

I just had my dinner and now I'm gonna carry on reading Breaking Dawn Chapter 36:Bloodlust.

I posted this because I came to a part in Breaking Dawn that I find kinda funny. It cracked me up basically.
“You breed mutants here,” Caius spit back at him.
Thought it's kinda mean, it's still funny innit?

I love this bit, Garrett remained poised for attack.
“Revolutionary?” he growled. “Who am I
revolting against, might I ask? Are you my king? Do you wish me to call you
master, too, like your sycophantic guard?”

What's with the Romanians? Haiyoo. They won and they're still dissapointed.
“Of all the rotten luck,” Stefan muttered.
What the hell does this mean?
...made the Volturi run away with their tails between their legs.
I'm real proud of myself. =D
But I cheated, I didn't read Twilight. Haha. Oh well, I'll read it later. Now I want to read Midnight Sun. Well part of it. I hope Stephenie Meyer will publish it, who would innit?
Okayy, I feel like the twilight saga still have not stopped, if yano what I mean. I'M ADDICTED. Yes, ADDICTED. *slaps myself*

Oh yeah, and, I finished Breaking Dawn before my sister and she read it well before me. *Sticks my tongue out.* :P

I am probably done with today's post.

09 December 2008 | Breaking dawn
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“Run away while you still can,” I threatened.
“C’mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too,” he insisted.
I froze. My breathing stopped. Behind me, I heard the lack of sound that was
their anxious reaction.
“What… did you call her?”
Jacob took a step farther back, managing to look sheepish. “Well,” he mumbled,
“that name you came up with is kind of a mouthful and—”
“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?” I screeched.
That, seriously, CRACKED ME UP! and some other bit just before that. I know, I'm so immature. But wth? HAHAHAHAHA. Laughing my ass to Venezuela here.

| While I was away
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While I was away, this was what I did.

Urghh, I was stranded at kampung for like 3 days and now I came back, I'm suppose to relax and all but nooooooo. Someone's making me do my chores. -.-'

I'm too tired to post anything.
On Friday was Ustazah's last day and I'll upload the picture later. My later would be another month or even another year.

Then I went back to kampung and I finished off Eclipse. Now I'm on Breaking Dawn, Book 1, chapter 7; unexpected (I think).

I bore myself to death these days.

My bro and me were talking with our mom about college and stuff.

And I'm probably not going to stay at this school sampai Form 5
Nak pegi US and everything.
Talking about the future already? Haha. My mum said there's no point of going to US when you're just going to some non-high-rated universities. -.-'

Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby, Leah told me.
On his head, apparently.
He used to gnaw on the crib bars, too.
Lead paint?
Looks like it, she thought.
“You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie?” I asked without stopping or
turning to look at her. “Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.”
I'm doing this as I go, its funny. haha. ''Jom kita gelak sama-sama." =D I like saying that. sounds sarcastic, but I'm not being sarcastic right now.


05 December 2008 | Los and Faun
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Wow, I went to the cinemas 2 days in a row. Heeee. =D
The day before yesterday I went to the cinemas with Mak Zam, K. Lang, K. Nor and K.Aisyah. Yesterday I went with Mak Zam, Along, K. Cat, K. Nor and K.Aisyah to watch Los and Faun.

Before we went to KLCC, we stopped at Shell and K. Cat was 'acting' as if she was a worker there asking if we want our windows clean. Freaking funny.
Arrived at KLCC and straigt to Vienna. Hehe. Had that oreo one then went for popcorns. Terserempak with Cikgu Raihana but I didn't tegur her because I'm sure that she doesn't know me. Huhu. Then I went in and sat. And again, Kak Cat was going so-called-overboard with her acting. Haha. Once Los and Faun started, I can't stop laughing. It was like, freaking funny! You should have seen. I was probably laughed the loudest, wait, no, those people in front were louder. A few times, the guy sitting behind me kicked my chair, pissed like gila2.

Then on the way home, went to 7E and
Asma: Ada bandage tak?
That guy: Takde bandage lah kak.
Asma: I'm not a kak.
That guy: Huh?
Asma: Nothing
Yeahh. :P I've always wanted to do that and K. Aisyah did it once. Hehe.
Went through the McD's drive-thru and got Fillet-O-Fish at about 11:45 pm. Went home and ate with Mak Zam then I continued reading Eclipse, only 1 chapter as I'm keeping to my resolution. Then tried to sleep but I can't, so switched on the TV, half way through Wizards of Waverly Place, I fell asleep. Which was around 2:15am. Then, the end.


I better shower, I wanna go to Taska Shaz and I'm suppose to go yesterday but I was being too much of a lazy bum. Everytime I go to Mak Zam's during the holiday, I would always go to Taska Shaz but now I ain't bothered. Orang berubah enn. Haha

04 December 2008 | Popcorn
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I woke up early today, as you can see. If I want to blog, I have to wake up early if not, I'll be fighting with Kak Nor and Kak Aisyah for it. Haha. I'm now at Mak Zam's house so I'm typing this post out on Kak Aisyah's laptop. The internet's quiet slow but it's better than none, innit?

My new book's resolution is only to read 1 chapter of it per day. Haha, yeah, Eclipse.

This thing is being a pain in the ass. I swear, it is. *calm down*

Okay, yesterday, I arrived here at 6 pm and at 8 I went to the cinema's at IDK what's the place's name is. Haha. I watched James Bond, I know, laugh all you want. When I walked into the cinema, Mak Zam gave me the popcorn and I dropped the bag of popcorn on the floor. -.-' I don't really understand the movie, I just kinda like the action. Kak Lang fell asleep, haha.

This thing is being a pain in the ass. I swear, it is. *calm down*
(I just feel like repeating it. Haha.)

Byebye. I might not blog from today, wait tomorrow I'll blog, kot. But tomorrow I'm going to Muar, Johor. Yeay, sarcasm. I actually can hear Danial's voice but I'm not sure if it's his voice and I'm not bothered going downstairs so lets leave it a mystery. Stupid sentence, that was. Haha.

I'm off to my dreams now. (SLEEPING time!) Yeay! Now that wasn't sarcasm. Hehe. Stop crapping, Asma! *slaps Asma across the face* Asma's crying, boo hoo. CRY BABY!

I needa comb my hair, I look like a shaggy bulldog. Haha, bulldogs don't have hairs, STUPID!
I needa comb my hair, I look like I've just woken up. Double stupid.
I needa comb my hair, I look like a shaggy husky. *stares* WHAT?
Huskies are cute. =D

(Eleh, Kak Nour, dah dia tak kenal Wu Chun nak bajet2 Jason hot. eee.)

03 December 2008 | My only angel & Zen me ban & Fahrenheit
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My only angel - Tank
- Ending song for Hana Kimi (Taiwan Version)

Zen me ban (What should I do) - S.H.E
- Theme song for Hana Kimi (Taiwan Version)

Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue (I only have feelings for you) - Fahrenheit Ft. Hebe
- I only posted it up because Wu Chun's in. *grins*

Ai Dao - Fahrenheit
- I'm not sure what the title of this song in English because Ai Dao means a lot of things, so yeah.

02 December 2008 | Wu Chun! =D
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Wu Chun

He's so HOT and I love his hair.
He's an actor, a singer(Fahrenheit), a model, a business man and he's from Brunei! What more can you ask for innit. ;)
He acted in Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) and in Romantic Princess but I haven't watched Romantic Princess yet.
Haha. I really want to hear him speak Malay but I can't find any on youtube except one, he said SEDAP, that's it. Even Mr Thomas can say that, haha. They way he speaks English is the same way Mr Cher (my English teacher in SMKWM) speaks English, so yeahh.

Joe Cheng // Zheng Yuan Chang

This guy doesn't interest me much. But yeah, he's alright. He acted in 'It started with a kiss' and Kak Ngah bought me those stickers with his face on 'em. Haha

01 December 2008 | New month.
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New month, new week(day), new day, new hour, new minute, new second, new millisecond.

Okay, Happy December to all.
May this month will be filled with happiness and no-accidents especially since Eid Al-Adha is coming up.

Wow, there are lots of name for Eid Ul Adha and I'm gonna list 'em. Eid Al-Adha, Hari Raya Haji, Hari Raya Korban, Kurban Bayrami, Lebaran Haji, Kurban Ait, Loy Akhtar, Iduladha, Aidiladha, Eid el-Kbir, gú ěr bāng jié , Tfaska Tamoqqart, Jejhni Qurban, Tabaski, Babbar Sallah, Ciidwayneey, Bakra Eid, Opferfest and Offerfeest. There are lots innit? I even missed some of them out. (Found it in Wikipedia. ;) )

Okay, I just knew that Kak Balqis is actually Pn Siti Zaleha's daughter. :O

Today, I am allowed to touch 'Eclipse' but I'll still try not to. =)


29 November 2008 | Buku yang di-movie-kan.
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Most of you probably have read Twilight and watched it too. Lots of you probably have read Twilight before you watched it. I didn't read it before I watched it and I kind of enjoy it.
N. Farhana said that she didn't like the movie and that's because she read it before she watched it (right?). When you watch a movie that you've read, obviously, you won't enjoy it because you already know what's going to happen. They also can't fit a whole story from a book in 2 hours. So people who have read the book will be disappointed. They would have high expectation and they would know if the movie missed a scene and etcetera. So yeah, no wonder you're dissapointed N. Farhana.


| Li'el Brova.
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Haha. Opposite of Big Brother.

Okayy, today I went to OU buying stuff for my brova that's still in my mova's belleh. Yeah.
Lunch at Subway then back home. Finished New Moon and now I'm trying to stop my hand from touching Eclipse. I really need to catch up on my sleep, I've been sleeping late because of New Moon. So yeah.

Short post today, I don't know what to type.


28 November 2008 | America
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Before in the car on the way back home from sending Mami, we (my dad, my sis and me) were discussing about Universities, MRSM and all.

So, after SPM I really don't want to be stranded in Malaysia, attend PLKN and I've always wanted to go to US. You're probably like, "You've been to UK, tak cukup ke?". Then I would answer, "no." As I said before, I don't want to be stranded in Malaysia, I don't want to go to Universities in Malaysia.

New life plan: MRSM -> US -> Work -> University in Malaysia -> UK -> Work

Okay, so that's what I'm planning to do in my life.

I've always been scared to go to boarding school, always have and I can't believe that I actually want to go. My dad said that I'll have more chance to go to US if I go to MRSM as I will be only competing with people from MARA. To get into MRSM, obviously, good grades are needed. Since I go to 'sekolah luar bandar' and my dad's an Anseri, it would be easier for me to go to MRSM. But still, I have to work really hard.

Yes, I've always wanted to go to America. Always have and always will. I really don't want to be stranded in Malaysia. I want to have a life. I'm not saying that people who are stranded in Malaysia doesn't have a life. But probably, to me, being at the same place is probably not having a life. No offense. My mum has a life, she went to US, then she came back to work for Esso, then she went to UIA, then she went to UK and now she's back in UIA. My dad has a life, he went to US, then he worked with lots of different companies, then he went to UK and now he's here, at home, freelancing. See what I mean, my parents has a life, I want a life too. I'm not actually sure on what to take but probably engineering or law. I've got to say, I don't even know what engineers do but I really want to be an engineer. But law, I never wanted to be a lawyer but my mum said I probably will become a successful lawyer and I think soon, my interest in law will increase, so yeahh.

University in Malaysia
I want to go to University in Malaysia after going to US is so I can go to UK. Tee hee. Yes, I want to be like my mum but I don't want to be a lecturer. So, yeahh.

Okayyy, that was my life plan. I think it would change but yeah, that's my life plan now. And i guess, thats what I'm going to work hard for.


27 November 2008 | Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson famously known by with the name Edward Cullen is sooooooo CUTE.
and HOT! and all those stuff.
But he only looks CUTE and HOT when he's a vampire, yano, white face and etc.
Yes, as you can tell, I watched Twilight today. =D
At 2:30PM.

OMG and the Cullens' house is like PROPER COOL! I wish I could live in there.

Oh yeah and I LOVE HIS HAIR! haha.

And I bet you're all like "I bet you didn't read the book."
And I proudly admit that I didn't.
Heehe but after watching this, obviously, I'm gonna read it.
Gonna read the full of twilight because on new moon I stopped at page 15 and I was lost.
And the reason is because twilight the movie wasn't complete. Oh sack it.

as in Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.
But Robert Pattinson as himself is not that hot.

And I got to say, Alif (Shadiera's brother) looks like him. =P

26 November 2008 | Abandoned Computer
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Today, I didn't switch on my computer. First time I didn't switch on my computer this holiday. Tee Hee. But tonight I will, ouh, it's already 9, which means dah malam. Lemme edit that sentence, but when I go upstairs I will. Theryar, much better. Anyway, I spent the whole day today downstairs with my dad's Lenovo on my lap. Hee.

Now, I hog my dad's Lenovo. He lets me use it so like, yeahh. Anyway, this morning after breakfast, I fell asleep, ngantok sihh. Then when I woke up, I watched Death Trance with my sister. It was proper funny and a bit scary and a bit creepy and a bit disgusting. Imagine going into the forest at midday and the forest was covered with white cloth with blood stains on them. And you see vampires wearing ragged black robes with white faces and blood on their teeth. Heehee. It was in that movie. Then, imagine music like those heroic 'jengjengjeng' and a guy holding a sword with the cover on the sword. Then the guy is trying to be heroic but then he can't take the sword out of its case. Then imagine hearing two girls laughing their asses off on the couch. Haha. Yeahh.

I just read N.Farhana's blog and it had this on it
and people !
i want to read your blog.
but there's too many people.
and you kind of update your blog a lot.
kinda like me.
i know now that it's irritating and i won't update my blog much.

haha, no, I'm not offended that's why I'm gonna continue blogging. Tee Hee. Oh and before at around 4:30, my dad went to get my mum and at that time I haven't finish my history yet.

Narrator: This scene is situated outside Papa's office before praying.
Asma: Papa, nanti at the motorway drive slow tau.
Papa: Huh, why?
Asma: Hehe. (Points at Sejarah)
Papa: *laughs*

Narrator: This scene is situated near the entrance of the house after praying.
Papa: Haha, Fuzah dah takut. Fuzah dah takut.
Asma: Mana ada.
KAisyah: Haha, Adik dah takut. Adik dah takut.
Asma: Mana ada, mami can't do anything if I didn't do my Sejarah.
KAisyah: Haha, yes she can. Adik dah takut, Adik dah takut.

Okayy, but at the end i was able to complete it. So there. :P


| Nyghkmaergh
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Mami: Fuzah, read Bab 1 of Sejarah Form 1 and Form 2.
Asma: *sigh* My nightmare starts here.
Mami: I want to see your notes tonight.

Baru 1 week holiday dah kene belajar dah ke?
Argghhhh. It has only been 1 week.
Yesterday my mum goes saying "You've already wasted 1 week of your holiday on the computer."
ITS CALLED THE HOLIDAY! You're suppose to waste your time. Urgghh. Even Kak Aisyah doesn't get homework from her tuition and I have to do mine during the day?
The holiday SUCKS. -.-'
I seriously prefer school.


25 November 2008 | Random facts.
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Okay, this post is full of useless facts that ain't important.

1. When I grow up I want to be an engineer or a lawyer or even a designer that doesn't know how to draw. NOT A REPORTER or A JOURNALIST!!! Heee.

2. Now, everytime I'm downstairs, I nick my dad's Lenovo S10 and blog on it. Haha. Like what I'm doing now.

3. I miss Kashif and Talha saying "You have to go to specsavers, man."

4. I miss Raydin saying "Cheese Kebabs!!!"

5. I miss Talha saying "Fat man scoop, you."

6. I really don't like art neither do I like the teacher. *coughcough*

7. I don't know what else to say so like I'm done.

8. So like, Eh-DONE.

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OMG! I just finished watching Keith.
OMG, OMG, OMG, I waited for like 1 whole freaking week to watch this movie, wait, lets make it 3 MONTHS, yeah, 3 months. I waited for this movie to fly to Malaysia, never came, never came. So, instead of having to wait longer, I searched on the net and finally, I've found it. Then another problem, I had to wait for a week until I can watch it. So thats what I did and after 3 months, I'VE WATCHED IT!
And finally, I watched it.
THE BESTest MOVIE EVERR (wait, narhh.).
I thought I'd never watch it 'cause they only launch the movie in America. But look, I WATCHED IT!
Yeahh, totally hyper. I'm like 'FINALLYYY!'

Okay, okay, enough.
Keith, it's a very touching story. Keith, was a very weird person.
Keith, he died at the end of the story. Sad? Yeahh.
I actually, only, wanted to watch it because Jesse McCartney acted in it but now, I think everyone should really watch it because it's good not because of Jesse. Haha.

Ahh, who cares, I'VE FINALLY WATCHED IT!

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