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27 July 2006 | 26-07-07 - Kak Atin Balek Msia.. :((
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Mase 26/07/06 kak atin punye turn balek msia ...
Pagi tu kiter :( sangat sebab kak atin blek msia.. kiter buat dia letter and everything but then my mum said kiter tak leh hantar fatin so i was there with nothing to say..Pastu kiter pegi ancle raja punyer rumah nak say bye bye to fatin... then kiter girh rumah fatin.. masa kiter sampai ader banyak org ... pastu anty nurul datang and say ther was a space tapi mak kiter tak gi but then.. as you know she changed her mind so kiter gi airport ... yey for me.. wen we reached there.. ermm. aper kiter buat ah.. kiter tunggu untuk fatin then kiter naik .. then we took some picture pastu balek..
Pictures: [comin soon]

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