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12 August 2006 | Boo!!!Scary!!
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ermm tadi kiter girh heaton park nak girh geocachin(somin like trasure hunt) tapi b4 that kiter girh kite flyin.. and i can beliv i can fly a kite:P..

The Kite I Was Flyin..

(Takder Pic Of Me Coz Aisyah Tak Tau Mcm Maner Nak Ambik Gamber:P)

pastu kiter girh jln2 in the woods.. tau kan kiter carik geocache.. while we were finding it kak aisyah said that maybe wen we find the geocache there might be a mayat next to it.. so maser kiter girh we wer around the geocache pastu..

jeng jeng jeng..

kiter nampak somin like a kubur.. aku takut lol.. it was rilt scary ader mcm 3 blog of dug soil.. and ma dad said the geocache is some wer here and... we didnt find it coz there were kubur ther.. takde lah kubur .. tak tau aper kat situ.. but it rily looks like a kubur.. and now im makin my self scared:P...ermm pastu kiter balek.. and wen we went out my dad said "hah.. aisyah next time kalau dalam hutan jgn ckp mcm turh.." and then we went out of the forst and we say a cow..:P y did i juz write that.. ermm turh jer.. takut giler kiter... skrang kiter takut jugak..:P

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