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01 August 2006 | eee.. A new month... August
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Pagi nirh kiter wake up kat pukul 10.. pastu chat ngan naimi .. tengok argos cataulog aper lagi yekk..

EE.. New months.. first august..erkk nak cakap aper yerkk..im so bored.. pastu tak tau aper nk ckp... ermm.. Oh yeh.. Me and naimi invented somin.. is called..
e-food... and is so kewl.. take a picture of a food pastu send it to each other so we can see how lovely the food turh.. nah this is an e-food:


sedab tak.. mm.. it looks lovely.. hehe.. owh well. takleh makan.. ader poison dlm...

and at night kite org tengok high school musical dari youtube.. pastu..pastu..pastu.. tak tau lah

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