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07 August 2006 | Forgotten...
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Yesterday i forget to do it so i'll combined it ..

Erkk... Oh yeh yesterday mornning kiter nak girh bowlee carboot.. but wen we reached there the carboot was close because of this cross country thing..on the way there and on the way back we saw some old tracktors and contena punyer tarik ect... i think their were on their way to a convention or somin like that... and after that kiter girh holly lane carboot... tak bli anything.. but after that kiter girh trafford centre.. wen we went there nearly all the shop were closed so jln2 jer kat situ.. at 12 o'clock tengok2 dlm kedai.. ermm.. on the way to the car we sow millies cookies so gess wat i did ask for it.. but my dad started staring at me so i stared at him back.. :P so i got.. yey!!! ermm.. aper lagirh eh...tkde..

hari nirh...

i juz woke up and it is half past 8 rite now.. pastu.. at 11 o'clock naik basikal girh crumpsall park.. sakit kakii..!!! tp wen we got ther we played on the hill.pastu we had a race best giler..

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