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14 August 2006 | my bot...
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yesterday Pergi carboot pastu girh walk.. cat carboot beli buku and a dinabot... pastu girh walk kat walk kener naik bukit turn bawa then naik lagi.. and kaki kiter sakit gile.. finally we got to the waterfall.. kecik jer.. tapi.. tak per.. kiter masuk dlm air turh and then it was really3 cold.. pastu we had a competition hu can stay in the water longest pastu... kiter tak tau saper menag but i fell.. so i couldnt have won.. so it is either hakim or aisyah.. tak tau ahh...


(Dekat Waterfall.. The competition..)

Kiter Org Having Lots Of Fun...

Kiter In front of the waterfall...

(At The Walk)

I made the robot.. Namer dier Bobo.. Nirh Gambar dier

Takder gambar luper nak upload:P

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