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26 July 2008 | I nearly crieddd.
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today we had school.
and only 20 people came.
man, it was fun.
lets get on.
Today we had science and teacher gave out our exam papers.
So suddenly, he called my name to get the paper.
and before he gave me the paper.
Teacher: Kenapa fail?
Me: Ermm, dunnow.
Teacher: Cikgu ajar tak faham ke?
Me: Ermm, dunnow.
Teacher: Perempuan dalam kelas ni banyak fail.
Me: Urmm?
Teacher: Budak baru kan?
Me: Ye.
Teacher: Dari sekolah mana?
Me: Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju
Teacher: Seksyen 5 punye wangsa maju ke wangsa maju punye seksyen 5?
Me: *thinking inside* huh? what the hell does that mean
Me: ermm, dunnow.
Teacher gave me the paper and this is what it looks like:

Close up:

(taken using my 55mm-250mm lense, a meter away from this sheet of paper. and using 70//100mm i think)

Conversation, me and shahera.
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:20:50 PM): theres this teacher, he nearly made me cry
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:02 PM): in science
Shahera Firdaus (7/26/2008 7:21:09 PM): and why?
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:18 PM): he asked me to stand up
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:20 PM): so i did
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:26 PM): and he asked me, knape fail?
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:31 PM): and i was like, i donnow
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:39 PM): and then he said cikgu ajar x fhm ke
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:45 PM): and then i said i donnow
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:21:56 PM): and then he said perempuan banyak fail dlm class ni
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:05 PM): then i was likee hurmm?
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:11 PM): then he said budak baru kan?
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:16 PM): and i said, yes
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:20 PM): then he asked, skolah mne
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:25 PM): and i said seksyen 5 wangsa maju
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:39 PM): then he was like, wangsa maju punye seksyen 5 ke seksyen 5 punye wangsa maju
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:43 PM): so i was like i dunnow
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:47 PM): he gave me my kertas
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:22:51 PM): and guess what i got?
Shahera Firdaus (7/26/2008 7:22:57 PM): yeah?
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:23:03 PM): i got 90%
Asma Hamid (7/26/2008 7:23:16 PM): dudee. i nearly cried, i thought i actually failedd.

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