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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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29 July 2008 | Kawad
2 Comments / 7:07 pm

To 'abg' acik, watever your name is.

US SCOUTS don't like the way you teach kawad (no offence)
but seriously, how long havent you kawad?
you call all the guys pondan, but you never look at yourself.
we didnt agree with you and you wanted to merajuk.
POYO ohh!!!
yes, im PISSED OFF.
com'on man, the guy(acik) wants everything being opposite
:- we have to stop on our right foot
:- when we 'pusing' we have to start our marching with our right foot
:- when we 'luruskan barisan//tangan lurus' you want us to turn our head left, put our hands
up then hentak kaki
DUDE, its SCOUTS. NOT krs or watever.
and dudee, i hope our other commanders wont call you.

From Asma =D

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