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09 July 2008 | LONELYY.
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yeah, i'm feeling lonely,
no friends to hang out with
no friends to share secrets with
no friends to laugh with
no friends to have fun with

i miss kak atin,
when are we going to play badminton again?
at abraham moss?

I don't understand people, when they want something they can't have it, but once they have it, they don't want it. And no, i don't think its because of them. It's because of time right?
You get it when you already moved on.
thats why TIME SUCKSSS like HELL!

I want time to freeze so we can have fun!
play all day long, then go to sleep,
the next day play again then go to sleep.
OHH, that'd be fun.

but we can't can we? We can't say TIME, STOP NOW, red light!
that's why we move on, and thats why we reject stuff.
and that's why you rejected him. betul tak?

beck to the topic saying IMM LONELLYY
nobody to be by my side,
nobody to talk to,
nobody to 'mengumpat' with,
nobody to make sins with,
nobody to shout at,
nobody, nobody, nobody.
please can i go back to Manchester?
or atleast back to Seksyen 5
if i still can't can i have a new life.
forget about my friends?
not a good idea, ain't it.
i love my friends. and i can't live without them.
thats why i need them by my side.
but i can't, coz we're far away from each other.
yes, i'm sad. i haven't burst yet, don't worry.

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