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17 July 2008 | Now I get it.
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Now I understand my 'moods'.
On Weekdays , I have no mood and stuff except on Wednesday, because i'll be a proud SCOUT.
But at the Weekends, if my mates from Manchester//Seksyen 5 are online, I'll be happy as can be.

Agama; it was kinda easy 'coz I've done ALL of the question in my blogA book.
How lucky am I?
On Tuesday i think, there was this guy in my class, he brought a sheet of paper in test which had the answers to our Science test, then there's this guy that was sittin' next to him. Told the teacher, the teacher snatched the paper of him. Then he sat there crying. *boohoo* The teacher felt sorry for him then gave him his paper back.
All of me mates at Seksyeh 5 are pengawas, innit.
and now thye never go online, how sad.
and this weekend they have camping, WITHOUT ME.
Now, i really feel like moving school,
the scouts are not active,
they never go to camping and stuff.
so how the hell am i going to become 'PENGAKAP DIRAJA'
or atleast have my 'MAJU' and 'JAYA' badge?
anyway, talking about scouts, my dad said he'll send me to the jamboree.
If they let me go.

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