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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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08 July 2008 | SMK TD
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I went to SMKTD's carnival to meet the ex-manchies of 2006?
i mean, those ones that mixed with 'us' basically,
kak atin was suppose to come, but she didn't.
Too badd.
but that day was cool.
firstly, MUNIRAH came running towards the gate to 'get' us.
then, we met JANNAH who was walking with her 'iceblended'
then we met NINA, can't remember how.
then we saw SHAMI wearing her kadet polis uniform.
after that we went to that haunted house, the one at the building on a hill.
and we waited a long time, but people kept pushing in.
MALAYSIAN'S are so pathetic.
then we went out of the line and wandered around.
then we saw ARIFFIN.
and then afterthat nurul(mun's sis) came and she had to follow us.
thenthen, we went back to that haunted house and waited and waited.
then AJAN came with his friends.
and sat behind us.

(He's the one in black, not looking at the cam.)

and then i took some crappy shitty pictures.
then2, munirah called ariffin to join us.
yeah, MUNIRAH yg ajak.

(i know, you can't see his face)

then he went away coz he had paintball or somin.
after we went in the haunted house.
we went all around again.
then we 'terserempak' with ariffin again, then he started FOLLOWING us.
haha. pengikut setie.
and we went to najib's class haunted house.

(strawberry jam isn't scary, lah najib)

and then we went out of the line. coz SOMEBODY was hungry.
then then then.
skip, to the part when we went in the ghost house.
then we was walking inside suddenly
there was a hand with STRAWBERRY JAM ON IT!
then 'someone' shouted.
but i dont know who. =P
then we went out
then we sat at the field

(there ya)

Then when we was walking, trying to go to nina, NAJIB came.

with STRAWBERRY JAM on his hands.


after that he went away, and i called him and CLICK!

(there he is, there he is! with strawberry jam on his hands!)

What a great day. =D

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