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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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18 August 2008 | 1st day of HOLIDAY
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Just an ordinary day.
I woke up for Subuh.
Then went to sleep.
Then at 8 I woke up.
Then i lipat-ed like 5 bakul of bajus.
CRAZY, i know.
Then i finished at 11.
Went upstairs for the computer.
But my dad blocked it.
So i went and asked my dad to unblock.
So he unblocked it at half past.
Then i played computer til half past 3.
Afterthat i went downstairs to sleep.
I got a headache and stuff.
And tired of the comp 'coz I'm tired thats why i went to sleep.
Then i woke up at quater to 7.
Then i prayed.
Then we went out for dinner.
at McDonalds.
And then im writing this thing.
Now i think I'll do my folio.

Tomorrow I'm goin' to the cinemas.
YEY ME! *Claps*

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