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25 August 2008 | 1st Day of NIGHTMARE
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Life has equal time for nightmares and dreams.
My dream was mostly spent in Manchester.
And nightmares in Malaysia.
So, how did my '1st day of nightmare after a whole week of dreams' go?
It was alright before break.
Everything was peace and quiet.
No one disturb me and stuff.
And my folio was all finished (not like all the other lot)
In seksyen 5, everyone would be scared of sending a folio late.
But over here, they're like 'WTH do i care.'
So, WTH do i care.
Anyway. After break time it all came back.
The annoyance.
The disturbance
. (new word!)
As I said, Stupid people shouldn't live in this world.
Whats with the paper throwing?
Yeah, it pissed me off.
I SWEAR if this was seksyen 5 and someone did that to me.
You're gonna be dead.
But its not is it? SMK BRP is not Asma's school.
Asma doesn't belong at SMK BRP.
Asma doesn't fit SMK BRP.
Everyone treats Asma like a new kid
and wouldn't welcome her.
Except some people.
Today, i felt like i was being used.
I use people, but people never used me before.
I guess, until today.
Oh well.
KARMA; what goes around comes around.


Don’t think that being mean will get you anywhere
Don’t think that acting cool will make me want to care
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