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28 August 2008 | 4th day of NIGHTMARE.
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Yeah, i continued my writing because
as Q said 'today is really a nightmare'

Lets get on.
Nur Aqilla Laily haven't been online for 4 days.
Meaning i haven't chatted to her for 4 days.
Meaning i have kept my depression by myself for 4 days.
Meaning i can't take it anymore because it has been 4 days.

That was number 1, now number 2.
To A1C

A1c. gile lah kauu.
x leh brenti tgk org ke.
Klau lalu je you have to walk and SSTTTTTTAAAAAARRREEEEE.
don't ya?
*sbenanye x mrh pon. =P *
(and, yeah. asma perasan. kau kesah ape?)

Now up to number 3.

CIKGU yang kaya, yang pkai mekap tebal, yang sombong dan kurang ajar,
You usually don't come in, innit?
So thats why we went to get changed.
We don't put on make up 'bersolek' as much as you!
You're make up is so thick and now you're saying we went to 'bersolek'
And IKUT SUKE HATI MAK BAPAK kau je nak kutuk mak bapak kami?
you're already rich, why are you still teaching?
can't you just stay at home and be a home wife?
can't you.
i can tell you dont like kids so why don't you just go home and stay there?
And we're not devils.
Who the hell are you to call us devils.

Last but not least (number 4)

Korang tak puas lagi ke nk bully aku?
How long has it been.
And now ASMA'S horns has gone up.
so like please lah weyhh.
ape salah aku kt krng?
If you don't want me there just tell me.

Well f*** it, that m******f*****. can get it too, f*** him then
But I'm so busy being pissed off I don't stop to think

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