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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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29 August 2008 | 5th day of NIGHTMARE
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and im starting to like nightmares.
everything just gets better and better each day.

(Click to zoom//Banyak mistake, no wonder they said i wrote macam keling/indon/ect)
After i wrote this, i gave it to Faris to read the part i wrote 'bout him and then he read a bit of it, then he said "x nk bace lah", then me and qamaryna started laughing coz he was making that face again, Guilty + im-innocent.
Then i talked to qamaryna and stuff.
Then Faris wanted to read it, so i gave it to him.
And he read the whole thing.
And i was like "GOD, thanks for saving me."
Coz, i was gonna talk about A1C in there.
Then bagi balik.
Then the end.
and someone threw a pencil case at me.
and i was like, WTH?

-----------------------THE END------------------------

Now is our time to shine
And have a good time

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