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30 August 2008 | Ampang Puteri Kemerdekaan Celebration
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What a great day. =D
6th day of NIGHTMARE will start when my nightmare starts again on TUESDAY.
Okay dokay, let me start my 'STORY'

This morning, I woke up, prayed, SWITCHED the comp on.
Then my dad was shouting to my sister to call Mak Zam 'coz we wanted to go to Mak Zam's obviously. =D
After that, we got ready then went to kedai makan. That shop where they sell roti canai.
Ordered food. Then when my dad went to pay, he said something wrong and i corrected him.
Then he got ANGRY. -.-' but then he realized that,so dia buat bodoh je lah en. haha.
After that, we went to thingy, went to Mak Zam's house, picked her up and off to Ampang Puteri.
Arrived at Ampang Puteri, went to the lobby then waited for Miss Madia (Kak Lang).
Kak Lang asked us to have breakfast so we went to Ritazza, Ritazza right?
Anyway, i did my Science orang book (rajin boleh dikatakan) and drank White Freeze (Vanilla Frappe). Then, I saw Uncle Arman walking past so I said to Aisyah, Uncle Arman lah. and she was like a'ah lahh. and when Uncle Arman was walking Kak Aisyah said, Uncle Arman then she salam. so did me and hakim. And his wife was there aswell. And they ate that aswell.
Anyway, after that, I went to walk around. Mak zam had her blood test check and she was WELL. Then, i went annoying Kak Lang while she was WORKING. Baikkan saya?
Hehe. Then Kak Lang asked us to help, FINALLY! thats what we wanted.
Then we got our JALUR GEMILANG.
When the clock striked 10:30am. We went out. Sri Padukan came and we then marching.
After the marching. We all started singingg. hehe. SEMANGAT KEMERDEKAAN.
Kak Lang nyanyi gile kuat and she was waving the flag like CRAZZ-EHHH.
After that, they gave presents out. for the people in the perbarisan.
60 PEOPLE, 60 PRESENTS, 60 NAMES, 60xRM90.
Yeah, they called each of them to get the prize one by one. cool innit. and each present cost rm 90.
I wish i was one of em.
Then Sri Paduka cut the BIG RECTANGLE CAKE.
With flags. And i got balloons aswell. Afterthat, got some cake.
and took the miniJalurGemilang. :D
hehe. There was a CLOWN. and kept asking him for balloons but he won't give me. at the end he gave me somin. STUPID CLOWN. i hate CLOWN. anyway, i ate noodles and currypuff and cake. =D
Sedap, rugi anda tidak hadir.
After that, i went to mak zams.
At Mak zams i went upstairs, watched 15 minutes of Jerry Macguire then *snores*.
At 2, i woke up then my dad picked me up, then pergi rumah Auntie Ana, Una's party.
We got lost for like 30 minutes. BODOH lahhh.
Then finally, auntie ana's house.
We went to the swimming pool. and ate.
after that, faizin, hakim and afnan jumped in the pool.
Asma kene control diri, dah tue en. :P
So i sat there playing dominos with my dad. my dad won 4-3.
Then I ate ISEKERIM. hehe.
After that, I went back home.
onlined for a bit then lipat baju. sampai magrib.
Magrib, i made my mum angry by mandying. *shrugs*
After that my dad drove us to the clubhouse.
Uncle Lokman's laptop just got a virus because of my mums hardware apentah.
Kesian Uncle.
Ate frankfurters and pasta.
WHOA. and now im bloated.
gonna go take pictures of fireworks tonight.


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