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08 August 2008 | Crapping in english
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me and qamaryna was crapping in english.
Teacher didn't mind kot, but we was laughing our asses off.
we had to do a writing about Electronic gadgets in our daily life, so i talked about it.
then, i felt sorry for qama, her alarm clock was a chicken, poor her.
ANYWAY, after that we had to do 3 paragraphs of electronic gadgest in daniel's(he's in the text book pg129) daily life.
--talking bout daniel--
on the way bck from school, on the bus he was listening to his walkman. so i asked teacher won;t he get caught.
then teacher said pretend he didnt get caught, but i did exactly the opposite of what she said.
and in my story daniel got caught, so when he went back home he told his dad.
then his dad said that he would buy him an mp3 fr his birthday, coz the mp3 is small and easy to hide innit.
and then we was laughing our head off.
then aliah said 'krng ni sesaje kan nk merepek'
then we just kept laughing.
after that, qamaryna's story was that daniel got told of by his mum coz he listens to that walkman 24/7. so his mum went in his room and told him to do his hw. so afterthat he set the timer on his digital watch for 10 minutes.
after that 10 minutes was over he went to sleep.
so basically he studied for only 10 minutes.
yeah, we like CRAPS.

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