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05 August 2008 | Do you mind?
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Here's a conversation of me and haris.

Haris was sitting on my chair at my desk and i wanted to sit there.

1st try

Me: Haris, do you mind moving? i want to sit there.
Haris: No, i dont mind.
Me: Then get off.
Haris: No.

*asma walks away*

2nd try

Me: Haris do you mind moving? I want to sit there.
Haris: No i don't mind.
Me: then move!
Haris: No, im not moving
Me: well, before you said that you don't mind moving, and now you dont wanna move? you're suppose to say, yes i do mind moving.
Haris: Oh, ape ape lah.

*asma walks away*

3rd try

Me: Haris, do you mind moving?
Haris: No, i dont mind. i mean. yes.
Me: urghh.

*Asma walks away*

4th try

Me: aliah, tlg sroh haris pndh. klau awk sruh msti die pndh
Aliah: okay
Aliah to haris: Haris, boleh tak bagi asma duduk situ?
Haris: (made faces at asma) urgh. fine.
*Haris moves*


Haziq & Faris (ape name kau?)

Faris and ha--- : *cakap bende lucah not mencarut but disgusting* Asma kau dengar tak?
Me: X lah, aku pekak
Faris and ha---: Oh. haha. tak pe lah *gelak*

This is damn annoying.

I was sitting down doing KH when suddenly

Haziq: Asma buat ape tu?
Me: I dont know.
Faris: asma tengah buat ape tu?
Haziq: Asma tengah bwat ape tu?
Me: I dont know.
*repeated like 100000 times)
Me: diam lahh
Haziq: Asma Tgh wat pe tu?

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