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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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11 August 2008 | Number 1!
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I'm suppose to scan in my port today,
but i'll do it later. can't seem to find the scanner.
anyway. Farah Diyana's back! haha.
her old self. not her emo//moody self.
ranjini: asma congratulation
asma: thank you? for what
ranjini: you got number one in test
asma: no i didn't cikgu x tmbh markah properly lahh
ranjini: i asked cikgu, cikgu kte you got number one.
asma: ermm, im not sure about it. i think ckgu blum hbes tmbh
ranjini: well, cikgu said that. anyway congratz for beating faris.

NO, im not boasting. just telling. :P
but b4 cikgu didnt add up my mark. so tak tau.

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