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31 August 2008 | SUB the WAY.
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I know, the title doesn't make sense.
But who the hell cares?
Anyway, fireworks was really dissapointing.
I don't wanna talk 'bout that, though.
Whoa. Esok Puasa. I can't wait.
I can't wait fro potluck at MARES.
Nurul's gonna be there,hopefully.
Boleh Sembahyang Tarawih by ourselves in the house while yang lain sembahyang kat luar.
And mess about, Take silly pictures.
Just like last year.
I can't wait for bukak puasa with the anak yatim.
If there is any.
Wanna go 4x4 with them. =D.
Well, I woke up for subuh then went to sleep again.
And woke up at 10. huahaha.
And thats because my brother woke me up.
If not, i think i'll wake up at 2.
Anyway, woke up.
Took a shower.
Then breakfast.
Continental Breakfast.
Then off we go to the clubhouse.
The clubhouse was full of people.
My dad said its because they wanted to get their signatures for 9M nine-mike.
My dad brought his handy along and the antenna was broken.
Oo. I didn't know that, well now i do.
So he was trying to find a different telescopic antenna but he didnt buy it.
Then he got our wireless which we left at the clubhouse last night 'coz of some reason which i'll tell you later.
Anyway, then we went out and like half the way, my dad called uncle salleh through the radio, to see if he was going to the clubhouse.
And yeah he was, so we made a u-turn.
And when we arrived Nurul wasn't there.
So sad.

ANYWAY, after that we went to homelife, then rozel tu search for our tv cabinet.
right now we're using those cabinets that hotels use. haha.
But there was none.
So then we straight went to thingy.
One Utama for lunch.
Lots of people wanted to go to one utama so it was kinda jam.
Anyway, after we went in the carpark.
We went round and around 20 million billion times.
At the end we ended up going to the hotel's carpark.
Over there, there were guards like every corner.
Anyway, got in the parking space.
Then walked a mile to eventually arrive to one utama (exxaggarating).
Went in, and were lost.
So searched for that thingy majigue that tells you the way.
So searched for subway.
and it was like across the world.
but we still went.
Coz thats the main reason.
Anyway, not so long after walking we arrived.
So we bough 2 footlongs and 1 half.
And the bill came up to rm50++.
Wow. But my dad didn't care.
He said he wanted more. LOL.
But tak jadi because it was too jam to go in the drop off place thingy.
Anyway after that we went in the motorway and saw a new VOLVO.
wow. its red.
Our eyes can't get off that volvo.
Then we went home.
Arrived home, then i went upstairs to play the comp.
Then bladibladibla.
Then i went downstairs to pray, straight afterthat went to lipat the bajus.
Then went upstairs to pray.
Then went downstairs to eat.
Then went upstairs and on the comp.
And before Abg Raja was online.
I haven't chatted to him (a real conversation) for ages.
Well, since he went to UIA and since i moved.
Abg Raja kinda went into UIA the same time i moved.
yeahh. haha.
So i'm not missing anything in seksyen 5.
Even if i stayed i wouldn't be able to tengok him silat and do stunts.
Anyway, my dad is at the clubhouse right now.
He has to fix uncle lokman's laptop.
Coz yesterday it catched a virus from my mum's thingy. that thing that you store files in.
Yeah, she didn't but virus in. But the virus was from Sri's laptop so *Shrug*.
Anyway. thats all.
Happy Fasting.
Eid Mubarak (although eid is for another month).


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