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13 August 2008 | WHAT THE?
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Before, after break time.
I went upstairs as usual and started talking to Qama.
Then suddenly, this two guys came in and said,
"Kau laki eh?"
And i was like "WHAT THE!!!"
and Cikgu Farita was in the class next to ours but she didnt hear me.
Then i said "I have proof that im not a guy" and i think they didnt hear it.
Afterthat Syaza heard and she was like "you have? (sarcastically)"
And i was like "yeh, won't believe me? I'll show the 'proof'"
then she went away.

Before in KH cikgu asked does everyone understand.
And i was like no.
coz i dont understand
Teacher: Have you done your pola? Have you cut your kain?
Me: Yes and no i havent cut it yet.
Teacher: Potong kain dulu jgn byk ckp.
Me: *looking at her weirdly*
(everyone went back on doing what they were doing)
Teacher: Bagi cikgu pola. *Mumbling* tadi cikgu mintak x nk bg.
Me: *Mumbling to Q* Omg, i already gave the pola to her. what the hell man?
(I gave teacher the pola)
Teacher: Ohhh. ni sume okay. bagus2. skang tlg die (Aqilah)
Me: OMG, tdi memarah skng nk sroh org tlg org. GOD!! (I didnt say that though)

And there. enough.
i dont know why.
but i feel like making fun of this guy.
yeh, that guy that i was talking about.
It makes me proud and puas.
It makes me P2.
Get it?

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