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26 September 2008 | 100thPOSTS. wheeeee.
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Hehe. 100th POSTS.
We have to celebrate!
okay, forget it.
anyway, school was kinda boring and weird and hyper-ish.
So, I arrived in school and GUESS WHAT!
ALIAH tak datang, gilekan?
She's like the most rajin girl in class.
Seriously, and she didnt come.
Anyway, at first i thought that only me and Syahirah came.
But turned out, Q was running late so meaning, she came aswell.
And then hariz came. DAMN, gile benci hariz, don't know why though.
Anyway, then farah pon dtg.
Then Miss Jessica passed the class and i was like
'MISS JESSICA HYEEE!!' then she looked at me with a face saying 'you're creeping me off'.
Then me and Q cam lepak2 at that outside thingy.
And kinda fun, coz it was raining!
Oh yeahh, MAIN HUJAN!
Farah yang paling gila, though.
She was like showering then she wiped her hands on me and Q.
Ehh, HUJAN ACID lahh, tengok now my face gatal-gatal.
So then, dorang tak habis2 ejek aku enn (hariz).
So i was real pissed so i drew T1 on the board and then can't stop asking who TI not T1 is.
And i was like T1 lahh! and then they was like who is T1.
and then we started crapping.
Farah was making fun of T1, it was kinda funny. HAHA.
lol. Anyway then we had this quiz on the board. and its because hariz x hbes2 cakap yg die nak main.
So finally we gave in.
LOL. Then we parted the board into 4 parts. and i wrote my name at the top and made an arrow pointing down.
Looked kinda stupid.
Anyway then it was 3.
And that pengawas, i think his name is syed or somin came, and like all the 1B was like 'WE KNOW'
haha. it was kinda funny.
Then turun.
Dengar dorang Khatam Al-Quran, and i thought T1 was gonna read.
Serious, hari tu nampak T1 dekat dalam surau with the other readers.
But T1 x dtg ponn.
Anyway then ade ceramah, then balik.
Bersalam-salaman with my friends cam biasa but added the 'Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin'
Then baliikkk.

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