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02 September 2008 | 6th day of NIGHTMARE.
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My nightmare didn't seem like a nightmare today.
Except some stuff that Q did.
And those stuff will be put in this blog and in my new blog.
Wheee. Which will be 'private-d' so noone except me and a few people can see.
Anyway, lets get on.
Morning stuff sahur and them.
Man, i don't feel like talking wait, typing about before school.
'coz, its boring.
Yeah boring.

School or can be called place for nightmares.

I went to school at 12, yeah, 12.
Wanna know why?
because the jadual said that it started at 12 but it actually started at half past 12.
the 12 is for people who goes for pafa and stuff.
So I arrived, saw aliah and then went to the kedai buku.
I wanted to get a buku hafazan.
'coz both of mine are lost.
Anyway, at half past we had to line up.
then went to class, bare in mind that i havent seen Q.
After a few seconds in class Q was there.
No, it doesn't amaze me.
Anyway, then i did some sejarah.
Finished it first.
=D *proud*
Then Pn Farita came.
I was damn scared.
She kinda marah-ed us for no reason.
Oh well. Wait, she marah-ed us because we asked her if we can pray.
God. Help me.
Anyway, after that terpaksalah bersihkan tingkap because she was angry.
I hate to clean the tingkap. It scares me.
I'm scared if i break it.
*hiding at the corner shivering and crouching*
Thats how scared i'll be when i break it.
Anyway after that i went to pray.
can't really remember what happened.
And then i kept swearing like, i keep saying bodoh.
so instead i said ok lah pandaii.
to Q ofcourse.
she's the only one i can say that to.
Then when we came back Pn Farita was gone.
*thanks to god*
Cikgu Kh pulak masuk.
So we was like baca doa.
So i told catherine to tadah tangan and she actually did and started bace-ing.
After that. REHAT.
Mase rehat obviously, kiteorg x turun.
But it'd be cool if we did.
I was desperate to walk.
I can stand still.
so me, aliah and Q went up to the surau to check if PSS was open.
But it was close so we came down again.
Then kat bawah Q was like pointing and said TU DIA!
and i was like WTF man?
And she was like theres wan.
CLOSE ONE Q. but you're stupid.
*gonna explain at my other blog tonight.*
after that jalan2 terserempak ngan A1C.
bodoh lah Q ni.
After that pegi masok kelas.
Then kene naik PSS.
we got the seat which is nearest to the Aircond.
pastu the guys was like bla lah weyh.
but we got there first, innit?
So we was reading our books.
Then i was like. Hey lola is there.
she came.
and Q was like oo.
and she pushed the chair in.
then lola was pissed so lola went next to farah.
And i said to Q that lola was making faces at her and Q made faces back.
the we started laughing.
Farah kinda terase. HAHA.
and then we went out.
Then went down.
Pastu kene naik surau.
So we did.
Then kat surau, dh lh kene wat presentation, and then kene bace doa.
and even worst A1C ada, stupid Q.
mase tengah buat presentation my hands was sweating like hell.
patu duduk.
And then ustazah sroh sorang2 bace.
Then ustazah asked, sape yang x hafal ayat kursi.
So we had to tell the TRUTH and nothing but the truth.
So i put my hand up.
And then izzat dari blakang was like.
Asma, tak hafal ayat kursi.
and then i said 'ikut suke hati saya lah!'
and then he made a face.
afterthat smyng and all.
Got to say, A1C was being so giddy. -.-'
And then ble nak keluar dari partition Q was like.
Asma tunggu.
And i was like no, so i straight went out.
and she said. PHEWH.
and i asked her why. she said nothing.
Then i went out pakai kasut, we wanted to jalan using the teachers tangga.
so we walked.
half way there i was like.
'patah balik, theres a row of guys'
so we patah-ed balik and went down.
and then we went into class.
i forgotten to bawak kain.
farah too, so she said she ikut jadual isnin.
and then she said it was the truth.
After that, mase nearly the end of school.
Q said asma and then pointed to the window, and i saw 'WAN'.
Wan is a girl btw class 1c i think?
kan Q, kankankan?
haha. so i was like, thank you for telling me *sarcasm+angry at the same time*.
But i continued smiling because Farah Dee was there.
Then i waited for Q to finish locking the doors and we started talking bout lola.
and farah dee was talking about her imaginary pet.
Her imaginary pet was multipet?
get it? i do, i know you dont.
But i wasn't paying full of attention.
i was looking at A1C walking and slipping and bleeding and laughing.
haha fine A1C didn't slip.
GAHAHA. but i wish 'it' did, it would have been funny.
Sorry, didnt mean to make a doa. i'll take it back.
But if 'it' did i would be the first one to rescue 'it'
Jadi PBSM for the day.
and then i walked down.
and out.
Then flippin' somebody came and asked 'wey, afiq mane'
in my mind i was like WTF, but i didnt say it out loud.
then i said 'kau bangang sangat pehal?'
and then he was making his 'innocent+guilty' face.
yeah, i bet you all know who it is.
GOD, please make him nicer. It's Ramadhan.
Then went in the car.
waited for my sister.
Then from the school to the simpang it took 20 minutes.
then i saw A1C lol.
'It's still alive, don't worry'
Then it started to rain. i hope 'it' will not die from acid rain.
And please make 'it' come to school tomorrow.
Then came back home.
Did half of this blog.
and my mum wasn't home.
so we had to makan nasi goreng for buka puasa.
and still my mum aint home yet.
theres a lorry broken on the flyover.
apalah lorry ni.
Oryte im done.
My new 'diary/blog' is asma-fullofsecrets.blogspot.com
and its made especially for Q.
Q check your email on MSN
so please read.
I got pocket,
Got a pocket full of sunshine

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