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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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03 September 2008 | 7th day of NIGHTMARE.
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I have to admit, I CAN'T REMEMBER.
yeah, i can't remember.
Gosh, I can't remember.
I'll try.
I'll start with when i got there, yeah?

So, I got to school at half past.
and all the sesi pagi was going home. *safe*
And then i quickly ran to my class' line.
Wait, i didn't run just fast walk.
After that cikgu started talking. i don't know what.
So then i went upstairs and all of us was like waiting for the key to suddenly appear.
And finally, the key appeared with qamaryna running down the thingy//alley//corridors? (i don't know what you call those stuff)
And yeah, she was late so everyone was like BLABLABLA.
Then i went in, sat on my chair. THEN. cikgu asked everyone to pair up to do this play thingy.
So i paired up with Yan Yee (malay girls has an odd number, so does the chinese).
Then cikgu gave us our parts and in our group, it ended up with 3 people who are Yan Yee, Catherine and me.
So catherine was like talking and i kept correcting her, when she's not wrong.
After that we went up to TALK.
Catherine and Yan Yee seemed to be whispering to each other, 'coz you wanna know why?
I CAN'T HEAR A FLIPPIN THING so neither can they. They as in those kids that are watching.
Sorry KIDS. get it?
Anyway, after BM was Math so those people from 1E came with like 36 maths books.
Then cikgu asked me what they were, the first time she asked me, i didnt know she asked me so i didn't answer. the second time i answered coz i just realized.
So then the maths teacher came in. and i went to pray.
After praying i went downstairs to class.
Then in class farah was like 'hey asma, i heard someone whispered my name at the surau, i think it was lola.
Then i said 'Lola's at home though, she's ill. Probably it was your pet, you abandoned it so it might be haunting you down.'
Then 'haha' we laughed.
After that we had to do that thingy in the maths book.
And the guys was like fighting with the chinese at the back to see who teacher come to first.
*WEIRD-os. Wait, i'm the only weird-o in town. I mean SADDOs.' Haha. JK.
I finished all 21 questions without anybody's help. *PROUD*
i finished my thingy exactly masa rehat coz i went to pray so i was a bit late innit.
So, then tringg. rehat.
At rehat i was reading my book outside.
And then i was like, ranjini will you teman me to the canteen i want to but something.
And ranjini was like tak puasa ke?
And i was like 'a'ah x puasa, x puase... Haha joke je lahh'
and while i was saying that A1C was walking past so i was like SHIT.
anyway after that. i was like reading at that thingy outside class' searching for someone.
Tapi tak jumpa2
SO i was like Q, jom lah pegi PSS.
and Q was doing Syahirah's kain thingy.
and i was like cepat lahh.
and she was like okay.
and then aliah went out.
and she still didn't so i was like CEPAT LAH.
and she finally came out.
so we walked the long way to the pss as there were some assholes *sorry* sitting on the stairs.
So pegi lah. And pagar PSS was open so we went in. Nak bukak pintu PSS x boleh.
it was locked.
So we went down. on the way down some guy *i dont know who but he knows me -.-'* ....
Him: Weyh, asma pss bukak tak?
Me: Tak
Him: WEYHH. ASMA PSS BUKAK TAK?! *he raised his voice*
Me: TAKK!! aku dah cakap dah tadi, kau pekak ke ape?
Him: Wow. Dah ada suara kuat nak jugak gune suare tu.
And then i just went.
Urghh. malas nak layan orang camtu.
And then i went to that thingy outside class and looked at the car park.
Then guess who i saw? Something was walking through the car park.
And then i was about to tell Q but i remembered that Aliah was there.
So i poked Q and pointed using my eye while Aliah didnt see.
and Q was like.. ohh bile die kat situ?
and i was like i saw it walking before. haha. i cant believe you didnt see it.
And then loceng bunyi so masuk dalam class because Pn Farita ada.
Haha. kalau x dh lme lepak kat luar.
Anyway, then ustazah came in.
Then ustazah started to cerita tentang Adap ber-Al Quran.
Then answered some questions.
And she cerite-d some stuff.
and Bladibladibla.
After that turun bengkel.
Nampak Pn Jamalaiah Buang staring at us.
Kinda cuak but mcm control je kan.
And then the end.
*some more at 'asma-fullofsecrets*

Alasan korang, KORANG BUSY?
aku pon busy, tapi sempat gak en.
Lagi2 laily.
10 tahun dh tak on.
Cerita aku dh bertimbun-timbun.
bila kau nak on?

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