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05 September 2008 | 9th day of NIGHTMARE
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Wanna know why i continued counting?
Its because, i dont know what title to put on.

So erm. SCHOOL.

I came late. And hariz was like 'lamanya kau sembahyang'
and then i said something. and then bladibladibla.
Sampai kelas i just sat down.
And lepak2?
Then this guy came in and said 1B kene pegi makmal computer.
So we went to makmal computer.
Then did some stuff.
Waktu science dah habis. and still, we didnt go out of the makmal.
I think Pn. Rosnah waited for us but we never came back.
We keluar-ed dari makmal at break time.
Then i went to class.
and read my book.
Then... i can't remember what i did.
Oh yeah, then i went out of class.
Then fitri ( i think that is his name, wait, im sure that is his name) came to our class to give the pas solat.
Then Q said, hidung dia merah mcm clown.
and then i said too bad die tak pakai converse, if he did,he would be a total clown.
Then we laughed.
Kutuk2 orang pada bulan puasa? MAAFKANLAH KAMI.
Q yg ckp.
i just continued. SORRY.
and he said 'weyh kau budak kelas ni kan?' to fikri.
and fikri said 'tak2' and fikri straight went off. haha
And then he went into class and gave ariff. the blurred out kid.
After he went to our class he went to 1A. to bagi the pas solat aswell.
Then he went down, lalu the office and naik ikut tangga guru.
Me and Q was like laughing. 'coz he was being stupid.
He could have just turned around and walked but he wanted to go a full round i guess.
Maaf, i didnt mean to call him stupid. but like, seriously. ada jalan pendek nak jalan panjang jugak.
But as my mum said, 'dia nak excercise'
its not even funny. but ermm. FORGET IT.

Then in class teacher was there.
after that teacher was kinda angry that the guys belum masuk.
so, me, Q and Farah went to makmal.
and cikgu was like five minutes, five minutes.
so we counted.
sampai dalam class je, i blurted out 'they're coming in 3 minutes and 40 seconds'
and somebody said 'no, in 3 days and 7 hours'
and i was like. righhhttt.
So then i told teacher that i cant do the presentation
so then teacher was like fine waterver.
So then we didnt learn anything
coz teacher suruh kiteorg bincang tentang the oral.
After that, no teachers was in class.
and hariz shouted 'SUME ORANG DUDUK'
and i was like 'i am sitting down'
then he said 'kau ni x hbes2 nak menjawab'
Then he started laughing. -.-'
After that, cikgu masuk and the guys went out.
with permission.
Then me and syahirah keluar to hantar balik the pas.
then farah and q followed.
they said to cikgu that they wanted to smyng.
LIARS. hahaha. joke.
Then we went in.
Takde guru kan?
So, i went out.
buat bodohh.
then i turned to my left and saw something.
but Q didnt see it. she missed it.
and then Q tengok lagi sekali she was like. It is still there.
and syahirah cakap what is that something?
patu bladibladibla.
and then mase nak kluar lpas loceng bunyi terserempak with that thing.
god, scary.
then i made muke bodoh and just waited for Q.

The End.
Thanks for reading.

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