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16 September 2008 | ANNOYANCE.
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Annoyance. Yes, annoyance.
i came to school, late.
Not that late though, coz they already lined up and tak de pengawas jaga so basically i weren't late.
just too early. :P

After i put my bag on my red, low chair, Farah ajaked me to 3rk 'coz we wanted GRAFFITI. Ustaz Amin happened to be at the bottom of the steps so i was kinda scared but then, buat muka selamba and dia tak kesah. SAFFEE.

So next was SEJARAH.
As usual, latihan. =D
Then Pavither and Pria came to me asking for books.
Who is NOHAN? I think pavither likes someone called nohan.
I think, laaa. coz when she saw the book titled NOHAN she was like 'OMG, theres a book called nohan, im soooooo getting it'
And then pria got haura harry.
MALAY BOOKS are boring. why do they even want to bother reading it?
Meningkatkan bahasa malaysia?

Next was BI aka English aka Literacy.
The last group had to present.
They was just reading.
And me, Q and Aliah was just talking.
And teacher was kinda pissed.
After they presented Q said to me 'Faris looks kinda cute when he's all nervous'

So after that was rehat, Rehat?
What did i do?
I waited at the stairs waiting for a 'fairy' to open PSS but they never did.
So i went downstairs and then sat at the so called 'alleys'.
Wow, i never knew our school had alleys. haha.
So then finished off my English and we as in me and Q looked like hobos.

Then, Maths.
Maths was annoying.
I sat with Q and the gang.
Then we was kinda annoyed.
So duduk kat belakang.
And it happened to be behind haziq -.-' and faris(Am i spelling his name right or is it with a z?).
So then while i was doing my maths haziq was like 'afiq, asma marah kau'
and i was like -.-'
then haziq did this letter and said its from me, and faris started writing inside it.
I was pissed tapi bersabar je kan.
They happen to have 'syaitans' in their body, wait its their nafsus.
Anyway then apentah. They was trying to annoy me, and thats what they did alright.
But i didn't mengamuk.
I'm kind. =D
So then i took my chair nak pegi balik meja as Maths was finished.
So then nak past Yan Yee i was like tepi kan kerusi.
Then she did.
And it still won't fit. the faris went 'anehh, angkat je lah kerusi'
and i was like -.-'
then jalan2 sampai meja.
then 'terima kasih cikgu'
Then agama.
Kena pegi itu surau.
And then fikri started saying stuff.
so then i interrupeted him and said 'Fikri, hari tu kat camp baik je, tapi bile kat sekolah perangai macam setan' and then he just angguked.
But seriously, he's actually really baik.
So ustazah came and then we had to do a latihan on Solat Fardhu while 1C and 1D mengaji-ed.
Then we went to KH. then basically the end.
Oh, after a flippin long time, i finally mengaji-ed today 'coz last sunday my dad brought my Quran here. It was at my old house. Wait, my ex-house. :D
anyway, THE END.

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