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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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14 September 2008 | Cousins. =D
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My cousins are at my house right now and im stuck on the comp. =D

Started my day with...
Then went to sleep.
And then bangun2 Kak Ngah dah hilang.
She went back home.
'Coz she had a class or somin.
Then i went downstairs cakap2 ngan mak zam then they went home.
double =(.
Then i stayed at home with my brother.
Then my parents came back and i was sleeping on the couch. =D
After that i went to pray.
Then I went upstairs to my room and SLEPT.
Hidup TIDOO!!
i went downstairs.
Helped me mum.
Then my cousin came.
Tengok Chin Chan(however you spell it).
haha. Then buka puasa.
Then solat.
Then makan.
Makan depan TV. =D
Then main on my dad's laptop then abg afiq came in the room and asked me to add him on myspace.
And then I went upstairs.
And suddenly abg afiq and abg (lupename. a'an's brother) came in my room and was like
Ya Allah, tak habis2 dengan myspace.
Tadi kat bawah sekarang dah pindah dah?
And i was just =). smiling. yeahh.
And then abg fikri (i checked my sister's sejarah folio. =P)
came into my room again and just stared then smiled.
And guess what is my respond?
LOL. i always say that these days, well basically to the people that i kenal tapi tak rapat.
Haha, thats weird of me.
DAMMNN. I'm bloateddd.
----lepas tarawih----
Before tarawih yeah, Wak Umi, Wak Acil, Wak Hasan, Abg Afiq, Abg Fikri, Hafiz, Athirah went home.
So they was in the car nak pegi and my bro tutup lah pagar
And then they horned. My dad lari keluar. tengok2 the pagar hit one of my uncles car, don't know which one. and my brother buat muke 'i dont know'
Then Tarawih, it felt really quick. like seriously. Wak A'cob jadi imam, he's the oldest.
And im not bloated anymore. =D
dah turun dah.

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