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01 September 2008 | 1st Day of PUASA
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So, i woke up in the morning.
Sahur-ed. Then prayed.
Afterthat, i went to sleep.
After waking up (i can't remember what time)
i can't remember what i did.
I guess i just went online.
Then prayed Zuhur
Then i did a blog for the GTLs.
Made a thingy majigue (its at the GTLs blog).
Then uncle Lokman came.
To get his laptop back.
Because (i already told you on the previous post).
After they went back home, we prayed Asar.
After Asar I mandied.
Then off to Mak Zams. =D
Arrived at Mak Zam.
And the first thing i did after salam-ing is....
Went upstairs to watch They kissed again.
But then my dad called me because he wanted to go to pasar ramadhan.
Then we went.
We kinda park farfar away.
But oh well.
And at the bazaar i saw e-if. =D
he was like sms-ing someone and looking around.
I guess he's lost.
He's spikes got spikier.
I was hiding, so obviously, he didn't see me.
Anyway. Didn't see azam though.
Then jalan, jalan, jalan i saw sara.
She was smiling.
Dude, she changed. Selalunya she would have waved and stuff.
Well, i guess she's not that friendly no more.
She stopped being friendly when she couple-d with amir.
Anyway, then while we bought some kuih nampak meor.
Then nampak abg rudy.
And again i hid. Anyway, abg rudy was buying something then.
So takkan nak 'WOII. abg rudyy, heyy.'
anyway after that we went home.
On the way back home.
I saw a. Izhar he was staring. I was flippin scared.
Haha. Izhar's face was like i've-seen-you-before-but-when.
After i passed him I was laughing my head off.
He doesn't even know me.
Then after that, went back to mak zam's house.
And went upstairs.
We (Kak Lang, Kak Aisyah & me) watched Living Lohan.
Lindsay's sister was such a slut.
Anyway, after that my dad called.
So we went downstairs.
Buka puasa.
I CAN'T FEED ANYTHING IN MY MOUTH after eating like a samosa, a cream puff and a nugget.
But i did.
Then i ate mini-tiny-little blueberry tart
Anyway, after that we went to pray.
And after praying we watched Princess Diaries.
Then my dad and bro and kak ngah went for tarawih.
After like half an hour.
My mum, mak zam, my sister and me went for tarawih at home.
After that we switched on the tv and Princess Diaries was finished.
It was scrolling the credits.
So we waited a bit.
And then my dad came.
Salam everyone then in the car.
I think i slept in the car.
Then went in the house.
Went online and chatted to kak ash.
She said she saw e-if, sara, ALYA, meor & izhar.
but not abg rudy.
Kak ash, i guess its either alya or abg rudy. hehe.
And then she said this:

Ashley: tgh on9 jew..
Ashley: actually i was doing something else
Ashley: but nampak u antar IM so i stopped
Ashley: hehehe
Asma Hamid: haha
Asma Hamid: ekk?
Asma Hamid: carry one what u was duin
Asma Hamid: lol.

Thats all for now.
My dad just called me to lipat the baju.
Gonna post tonight.
for the 6th day of NIGHTMARE.
can't wait.

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