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04 September 2008 | ... days of NIGHTMARE.
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I lost count.
I forgot what number i'm on.
Oh well.
Gonna stop counting now.

Anyway, what did i do?
I do normal stuff in the morning. and bladibladibla.
I'm gonna talk about school, coz as i said on my previous post,
im not bothered. And im not botheres because its boring.

So, i went to school and then terus masuk kelas.
And we had to go through the back door because kunci kat cikgu.
So after i put my bag inside the class, aliah asked me to teman her to the bilik guru.
And she was talking about how we mum complained about my kain.
and bladibladibla. I took ERT secara terpaksa so i'm trying my hardest to make it fun.
So.. agak2 arr.
after that, amik kunci then walked back to class.
teacher was in. but the door was still close.
so aliah opened it. then masuk.
teacher was like. wow.
after that, everyone thought that Q wasn't coming. but i know she is.
And there she was in class.
Teacher asked us to copy of the board.
Then teacher went out and...
and then cikgu geo came in.
we had to do some stuff.
then she went out.
after that, we all went to the makmal.
and Q, farah, syahirah and me was late coz we went to pray first.
In there they was looking at somekind of a movie.
And then mase nak rehat.
All the muslims stayed inside the makmal exc me, Q and farah.
And out excuse was, x siap keje.
but it is true.
and then masuk dalam class.
2 pengawases came in class and started talking.
i was annoyed.
then aideed masuk.
started reading buku agama bab arak LOUDLY.
so i was damn pissed.
i was like aideed, shut up.
and farah said that too.
and he still wouldnt shut up.
so farah chased him around class and finally he shutted up.
And then i can't concentrate because SOMEBODY can't stop talking at the back.
urgghh. so then i went out.
and i saw something so i came back in.
After that. I went out and that thing was gone. PHEW.
and then some guy came in class and gave me a piece of paper
and kene jumpa Pn. Farita.
and then i did. tengok2. ade interview.
mase interview i kinda freaked out.
and went blank.
SHUT DOWN everything in my BRAIN.
i felt like i was gonna die soon.
Anyway, when i went out, i was out of breath.
can't talk properly. too scared.
so then masuk dlm class and syahirah was there.
then everyone started shouting at me.
especially Aliah punye pakwe.
they were like pegi mane?
and i said i was at bilik councelling, so they was like okayy.
and then syahirah and me went to the toilet to talk about the interview.
and then ble naik dh sejarah.
so then ble sej cikgu masuk and asked where everybody went
and i said agama
and she asked me why i didnt go.
so i explained.
then she said okayy.
and then i sat at my place.
and all the others came and we had to continue what we did on tuesday.
After that it was BM.
BM, we had to copy stuff of the board.
Then came PK, i thought that cikgu was gonna start to marah but she didnt.
PHEWH again.
and then like 5 mins b4 balik.
syahirah came up to me and said asma nk pnjm pen.
and then i checked in my bag for my pencil case.
tp x jumpe2 and then syahirah started smirking.
which means. she took it.
then i was like cepat lahh bg.
bodoh lah korangg.
i was actually gonna wait for syahirah, to batter her up
but i saw something then x jd.
then mse kt luar pagar.
Me, Q and hana shaked hands.
and smiled.
DAPAT PAHALA. berganda2 pulak tu. sbb bulan puasa.
(Q, bace asma-fullofsecrets.)

That's all I got to say,
Can't think of a better way,
And that's all I've got to say,
I love you, is that okay?


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