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12 September 2008 | Designing.
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Oh yeah.
Today i had to go to school at 1:20.
Gile awal kan?
Oh well.
When i arrived, aliah and ashikin was there.
Dorang pun belum sembahyang.
So i went up to pray with them.
Then turun.
I went to the canteen to get my bookmark.
Then Aliah and Ashikin went outside, so i was kinda running.
Then sampai luar, Marcella and Syahirah came out of the van.
They said their van rosak.
So i was like, Marcella, kau pegi betulkan van ehh?
Okay, that was so not funny.
Anyway, then we went to the canteen.
Kat canteen panas gile.
So i went with syahirah jalan2.
And then we sat at the bench.
Then we went around.
Main2 ngan stepping stone. haha.
And then aliah and all came. so we followed them back to the canteen.
Then sampai canteen, cikgu terus suruh masuk class.
so thats what we did.
Then masuk dalam class, afterthat bukak pintu depan.
Then tunggu cikgu, lepak2 kat luar.
Then when cikgu came in the car.
Acap anak azam, fariz anak sapentah and someone else pegi turun
and chased cikgu punya kereta.
And i was like -.-' why cant they just wait?
I think their desperate for science.
anyway, after that i cant remember what happened.
Mase BM cikgu suruh salin stuff of the board.
So thats we did.
hehe. *giddy today*
And then while it was BM the bell rang.
Cikgu didnt hear it, so she was like tak bunyi lahh.
Feng(s) :P went to check and he was like, see dah kuar.
cikgu pegi check and next door was like 'terima kasih cikgu'
And then cikgu smiled.
patu sume org cm buli cikgu.
ksian oh.
and then rehat, went upstairs to the library.
But it was closed.
so we lepaked at the tangge for a while until abby (is that his name?) came.
so i went down. then he was like 'get down, no one, shouldn't be on this block'
so i was like thats a double negative, it means that someone should be here.
and he was like watever.
So then i went down.
Kat bawah. i read my book and ikut je Q pegi mane.
We went around the whole school like twice.
and then loceng bunyi, i went up.
They had to do their presentation.
3 people presented today, kan?
And all of them read.
And then seni. =D
So cikgu came, and we had to design t-shirts.
So then cikgu was choosing the design and stuff.
Then cikgu suruh sume org duduk.
So we did.
Then cikgu punye phone rang.
And he was like, dengar bunyi phone eh?
Saya punya ka?
and then evryone was like laughing.
and then fitri came with a box of silk screening! OH YEAHHHH.
Qamaryna senyum je enn.
Cikgu: Terima kasih
Fitri: Berat lah cikguuu.
Cikgu: Berat ek?
Fitri: Ye lahh berattt. Penat lahh.
Cikgu: *gives fitri a pat on the back*
Fitri: *dodging side ways like how abg acik did*
Asma: *SENYUM*
haha. lol.
So then cikgu ajar camne nak silk screen.
and while cikgu tengah show kiteorgg.
Q nmpk fariz holding a mirror.
and then....
Im not gonna say it.
nnt fariz marah for tuduhing.
and ***** ******* gonna marah too.
so, lebeh bek x tulis, enen?
Then we went into groups.
My group was with Farah, Qamaryna and Syahirah.
And guess what our group is called?
FAQS, pronounced as faaaqs not feeqs.
hehe. =D
And then while all the other people was discussing at the table,
THE FAQS, a very unique group, did it on the board.
So we was laughing like hell.
Buat lawak en.
1. Dekat depan baju buat Unicorn and stuff
Kat blakang baju tu buat guitar and teenage stuff.
So bile orang tengah jalan dorang ckp 'childish people'
And then lepas dorang dh past dorang ckp 'wow, the grow quick'
2. Cikgu ambik tembah baju raya, so sape nk baju utk raya tempah lah.
And i was like, I HAVE AN IDEA!
jom kite buat baju tulis Selamat Hari Raya, patu ketupat kat bawah.
Nanti mase raya pakai baju kurung with that t-shirt kat luar.
Best ohh. And then cikgu was looking at us.
So we just laughed.
Then, we was like 'sume orang bawak design on monday, pastu kiteorg bt vote, GO FAQS'

Yeah, it was funny.
Like really funny.
guess what it is?
The bell for hometime.
So everyone went home.
Then sampai rumah.

Asma has a headache and shes all moody.
Asma went upstairs to have a cold shower,
then she went to sleep.
at 7:16 she instantly woke up.
And no one woke her up.
She was very amazed, she woke up exactly mase bukak puase.
Then she went downstairs sume orang tengah doa.
Then bladibladibla.
She went for home 'tuition' with her mum.
Then she did her design for the t-shirt.
Then sembahyang tarawih.
Then bladibla.
I wanna write in asma-fullofsecrets.

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