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17 September 2008 | Eid.
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No, it's not EID yet.
But soon it'll be.
I actually can't wait for this year's Eid.
I hope it wouldn't be like last year.
Last year's Eid was the WORST.
My first Eid in Malaysia after 5 years was the worst.
Worst Eid ever, I mean Eid at Knowsley's Safari Park was better.
At least then, i spent it with my dad though my mum weren't there.
But at least i spent it with one of my parents than none?
And it was spent with Monkeys, Tigers, Camels and all.

It was in 2007, 4 days before Eid (i think).
Hafiz came running in to the kitchen shouting 'UNCLE JATUH, UNCLE JATUH'
Then the first thing Mak Tok said was 'Astaghfirullah Al azim'
Then all of us ran out to the front and saw my dad lying on the ground.
And his head was bleeding.
So everyone was there, surrounding my dad.
Busu came and straight tried to sit him up.
So he did, then one of us (children) went to get a cloth so we could stop the blood running down his head.
After that busu asked him to stand up and get in the car so he could be sent to the hospital.
But he said 'I'm okay, tak yah pegi, sikit je'
He hates, i mean HATES the hospital.
And then busu started chatting and telling him to get up and get in the car
But he still wouldn't he kept saying 'oh, pening. tak boleh diri'
And then at last busu just carried him and ignored what he said.
Mak Tok was crying.
Bare in mind that, it happened 4 days (i think) before raya.
So all of us was worried sick. Probably he won't be back by raya.
So he went to the hospital, and he had to stay there.
Then that night, my mum or was it busu asked us to go to the hospital.
And when i got there, i was crying.
I swear, i dont want to see my dad lying on the hospital bed on Eid.
All of us was really looking foward to Eid as it's gonna be our first one since 5 years.
Even Mak Tok was looking foward to it.
So we went back, can't really remember.
And one of the day we had to go to the hospital with Mak Long.
In the car Mak Long was kutuk-ing me and k.aisyah that we don't do work and stuff.
Padahal before that, mak tok was marah-ing Mak Long's daughter not us.
Apalah? Yeah, i was pissed off. Tapi dimaafkan sebab dia yang bawak kiteorg ke Hospital.
So then my dad was transfered to the First Class punye place.
Gila best, they had an aircond and everything in there.
Tak lah besar mana.
Tapi private lah kan.
So kiteorg boleh buat bising dalam tu sebab my dad je yang ada.
And we was watching movies and stuff in there.
It was funnn. :D
But saddening.
Eid passed by and i didn't solat raya.
And then kinda lots of people came to my Mak Tok and semua tanya 'ayah jatuh tangga ya? Sekarang ayah dah okay? Ayah dekat hospital lagi ke?'
So after how many weeks?
So after 2 weeks i think, My dad was released.
And yeyy.
Uncle Salleh and Mak Zam came to our kampung.
Kak Lang was like besarnya tempat ni.
Because at the front we have like a big space.
I mean like theres like a big hall.
And then me and Nurul went running around.
See, What a raya right?
It was really saddening.
I swear, it was the worst raya.
Nevermind. I'm still looking foward to this year's raya.
I hope it'll be better than last year's.

Move along.
This year, Ramadhan is saddening.
Because this year tak dapat join MARES' potluck.
And tak dapat berbuka dengan anak yatim.
Nak tau kenapa?
Sebab masa tidak mengizinkan.
Nevermind, this week balik kampung papa then pegi rumah Uncle Salleh.
so yeay?


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