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22 September 2008 | Fireworkssss!!!!
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Woke up with the 'urge' to blog.
I actually can't wait to blog.
I don't know why.
So i'll start with Friday and end with Sunday.


BREAK, sorry, to many comments nak settle bende tu dulu.

So, Friday, came to school early.
Well, kinda early.
Tapi dah banyak orang.
So then took out my UNSOLVED CRIMES.
and ade satu page tu, i cant figure out at school.
And sampai sekolah dah figure out.
Senang gilerr. Yang senang tu how to figure out the clue not the crime.
Anyway, then i went to solat with Syahirah and Q.
Mase dah habes solat tu, dengar suare ckgu suruh semua orang beratur.
But it wasn't even 2:15 yet.
So i was kinda rushing.
Yano how leceh my kasut is.
So then turuh, terus brato.
Nak amek bag pon cam takut.
The takut one is me lah kan.
Im a scarycat huha.
Anyway, then masuk class.
We stayed in class for a bit.
Until some guy came in and asked us to go to the Comp Room.
So we all did.
I decided to sit right at the front for some reason.
Actually, its because i can't see when im sitting at the back.
RABUN. and i lost my specs. shit.
Then pegi masuk balik class.
and we was kinda late because of our science teacher.
Anyway, after that cikgu terangkan some stuff.
I can't remember what.
Rehat. I really can't remember what i did masa rehat.
Oh wait, i do.
Me and Q went to FarahDeeee and macam discuss about our designs for the t-shirt.
Yeah, we were supper excited.
So we went in 2rk. :P
And started drawing on the board.
Yeay us. :P
And then loceng bunyi, and we went upstairs.
English, Literacy, BI.
What did we do?
Some comprehension of that brown book.
Mase tengah discuss kinda gaduh2 ngan cikgu.
and i said KINDA.
Anyway... Afterthat was seni.
the FAQS macam excited gilegilegile.
But, too bad cikgu suruh buat lepas raya.
And i was like :(
Laaaaaaaa. Knape?
And cikgu said because waktu pendek.
nyirap er en?
Anyway, then we did some signs. and we hav to do this block thingy.
And he said that sesape yang tak buat tak boleh balik.
And i didnt even do mine and i can?
He didnt even check. ahahahah.
Oh then, i went out salam ngan Q and some other people (dapat pahala).
Then cari kete. Tak jumpe2.
Suddenly nampak my mums car.
So pegi lah masuk.
I was searching for my dad's not my mum's.
Anyway then sampai tepi sekolah.
I mean that road at the side of the school.
nampak faris jalan tepi jalan tu en.
So i was like Papa, can you knock this guy over, he really pisses me off in school.
Then my dad was like, I'll horn nnt.
And then my sister was like, Papa, DONNNTTT.
yeahh. not interesting at all.
But we was laughing like hell in the car.
well me and my sister and my mum was.
Then i baliked.
Kemas baju utk blek kg that night.
Then mandi.
Then buka puasa.
Wait, before balik rumah we went to the pasar ramadhan.
Then naik kete.
Nak balik kg.
My mum wanted soft ice cream.
Tapi tak jumpe McD.
so we wanted ice cream.
tapi mase brenti tu x de ice cream.
Tak gune nye petronas. :P
So we bought opak2.
Nyum2. and i ate it with yong tau foo (however you spell it).
And its nice.
Anyway, then mase dah lepas tol.
My dad was like, tengok fuzah, nak dekat sampai baru nak tido.
Selalu cm tu.
Dulu2 die tmn papa sampai jambatan muar pastu tido.
And they thought i was asleep. but i was only half asleep.
and i was like, (i can't remember what i said)
So then sampai kg.
Solat isyak then terus tido.
Best oh tido dalam bilik berbatu.
dulu2 tido dekat luar sbb bilik berkayu.
Skang dah renovate bilik jadi berbatu.
LOL. it doesnt even make sense, sack it.

Agak best. :D
So i woke up for sahur makan nasi, ayam and sambal kicap.
And my tummy was actually grumbling mase tu, though i already ate.
Then i went to pray.
Then i went to sleep.
After that i woke up coz my cousin serang bilik suruh kteorg bgn.
And hafiz gave me bunga api.
And i was like aaa, leave me alone.
Then my dad was like 'we're going 4x4 and we're going now'
And i was shouting 'Wait for me'
So then kluar.
And siram2 pokok. -.-'
Then baru pegi 4x4.
And pegi tempat cik//uncle//watever raihan punya tempat dia jual ayam.
And then we went up the hill opposite that place.
but we didnt actually go up the hill.
So kiteorang masuk lah kebun.
Then we at one part my dad wanted to set somin on his GPS so me and my cous went to the back.
And then my dad panggil suruh masuk and its because of one of my lil cous (ami).
URGHH. so then at the other one part my dad was like driving really fast.
He langared holes and stuff and ami was frozen, he was like damn scared.
And then theres like this hill we went up, then we went down the hill, using the road.
at the end was a dead end.
so my dad made a u-turn.
Then my dad was like nak turun, and we was like nooooooo.
Coz he wanted to turun using the 'not-road' LOL.
Then pegi balik.
At the end,i mean as ble nak smpai at the main road, there was like muds and puddles.
So my dad langgared it. and its because he wanted to show his cous that he went 4x4.
So it went proper dirty.
and he actually wanted to go up the hill tapi x smpai ats pon.
SO cari2 jalan utk naik.
Tapi x de so kiteorg balikk.
Then i slept, i think.
Then i woke up to pray then my dad wanted to go to town.
So we did.
Then my mum kuar kan duit tapi duit tak kuar.
so then kiteorg pegi econsave and bought stuff.
such as chocolates. and Coke and stuff.
Then beli bahulu.
Then balik.
Then i went with ila to the atok yg kt depan tu.
Her grandson(kowt) was really cute.
name die alif. People name alif sume cm cute2 ohh.
Like alif from skwj, alif from T.Sufi and this alif.
and then buka puasa.
buka puasa was wickedd!!!
Ada bnyak gile makanan.
So i ate, bubur with begedil with keledek with sambal kicap with samosa.
then at the end tak leh bangun.
So me and ila cam relax. Then bangun.
After bangun kemas2.
Then ble nak mndi i had to tolong my sis.
So i did
then i mndied.
Then i finished off my work.
Then i took my sparkles.
Then i went out and played.
Firstly, i played with my sparkles.
Then with my mercun2 mancis.
And then busu gave me mercun lebah.
And it fleww. And that was my first time.
But my bro did it and it wouldnt fly.
And azmi did it but it wouldnt fly.
And hafiz did it and it flew.
So yey me?
Hehe. After that ade mercun nangka.
Apa lagi, bakar lah en.
Then semua dah habis.
except mine.
still got a box of mercun mancis and a packet of sprakles.
So kiteorg masuk dlu and then solat tarawih.
After that kuar and main balek.
Then front neighbour said kol 9 police meronda.
So we straight went running in.
Then i still had a mercun mancis with me so we just threw it out.
Then pegi rumah mak tok.
And everyone had coke, the one that I bought.
And then went to the living room that i call a hall.
anyway, then we cerita-d about raya.
and my cous cerita-d about raya when we wasnt here.
They had a lot of fun.
and we missed it all.
Tapi kat manchester still dpt raya with friends.
Anyway then i went to sleep.
and hakim and azmi and hafiz went to busus house and slept there.
THE END. wait i still have sunday.

bangun sahur, i ate the same thing ate for the previous sahur.
And then i smynged and slept.
then i woke up and my dad and mum went to pasar tani.
And then i lepak-ed at busus house.
then my mum came home.
then i watched tv.
then i had to go mandi coz we're leaving on a jet plane :P.
Then mandi, after that tidied up.
Then prayed.
then kuar naik kete and mak tok looked really sad because kiteorg tak buka puasa kat kg.
and she looked REALLYREALLY SAD!
i swear.
so then masok dlm kete and off we go to bangi.
Then i slept in the car.
sbb pening.
Then smpai rumah uncle salleh.
I took out one of the unsolved crime's book that i wanna give to nurul.
And then masuk rumah dorang and salam2.
Then i went out with nurul on the bike.
Then i came back.
then we did the unsolved crimes, and we looked at the answer.
And nurul was right about some of the bit, and i was right at some of the bit.
So then azan. and we buka puasa.
poppiah and nasi.
So makan2. then magrib.
Then i went upstairs and started chatting to nurul.
Then my dad called.
So i went down and he wont let us upstairs.
Then we balik-ed and me and nurul now cant wait for raya.
nnt boleh jumpe. :D
then smpai rumah solat isyak and tarawih.
then *SNORE*


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