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28 September 2008 | Happy 39th Birthday, Papa!
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*Plays a Birthday Song* 'coz i can't sing.
Chocolate Indulgence of Secret Recipe and Pizza for Buka Puasa.
We're suppose to go out for buka, but Papa don't want to, so basically we're stuck at home.
With Papa's Pizza. I repeat PAPA's Pizza. He has to cook it.
A promise is a promise. Well, i think it's a promise.
It goes like this : If we're not going out for your birthday, we'll stay at home but you have to cook for us. :D
HAHA, there y'are.

Anyway, trying to make a poem for papa.
Let see...
This is how it goes:

Happy 39th Birthday, Papa,
Lets go 4X4 on tar.
You're the best daddy ever,
And we'll stay loving you forever.

You can cook, you can wash,
And you're 39, oh GOSH.
You're a great dad, seriously,
No one won't agree.

Sending us to school and back,
Inside that black dirty truck.
Ham radio, your best friend,
If it breaks, you'll amend.

I ain't got money,
So no prezzy, SORRY.
Have a great day,
And that's it, okay?

equaldeeee. =D
Fine, it aint good but atleast i tried innit?
A poem for the greatest dad in the world.

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