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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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30 September 2008 | Last Day of Fasting
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Yeah, the last day of fas'ing is today.
Wow, it felt real quick, innit?
Anyway, i wanna talk bout yes'erday.

Yes'erday, was really really tiring, seriously man. A went to Sunway with my fam, to go last minute Eid Shopping. So the first shop a went 'a was Jusco. Then we bought my brotha's pants. Then we went out of Jusco, and went 'a forest. Coz i need more baggies. But they di'nt sell them there. Af'er that, a went 'a Al-Ikhsan 'a search for ma Nike Air Max 90, but they di'nt sell them there. So a went 'o the Nike shop, and they did sell them, but its for li'le kids. So a di'nt get it. Af'er that a went back intuh Jusco and searched for ma pants. Got 2 now. Then went to pay. Af'er that a went to Studio R, and there was a Nike Air, but not an Air Max 90, so ma dad said that af'er ma burthday, we'll go 'o KLCC. So di'nt get ma shoes eithuh. Then a had 'o go 'o Parkson *forced* 'o buy sandals. -.-' Seriously, man. a don't need em. a already have ma shoes. But yeahh, a had to. huhu. It was real tiring man. So then we wenta pay for the shoes. Then ma motha got these vouchers so a sat on the chair with all the bags from shopping (real heavy) while ma mum and sisseh went 'o get handbags. PURE WOMAN they are. -.-' So af'er that, went 'o ma dad and went in'a the car yeah. Then before we went out of the parking lot, a had to run in and pay for the ticket. And a put it in the machine like 2 times and it wont go in, and the third time a put it in, it went in. Then put the moneh in (duh). Af'er that we went outa the mosque. And prayed. Af'er that a slept in the car. And ma dad wen'a the frame shop'a get our pictures. Then at home a went 'a sleep. Then a woke up and lipated the clothes. And ma dad, mum and brotha went to the bazaar. Then we bukakeda and had cake from Sundeh. and still di'nt finish it. Then at night, a made some kuih. and then a went to sleep. I actually wan'ed to right this thing yes'erday but ma dad blocked the in'ernet. so di'nt get 'ah. And i finished readin TheClique;SealedWithADiss yes'erday.

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