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24 September 2008 | LOUD.
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Guess what?
Today, i'm awfully giddy and hyper that i want to blog.
Innit, cool?
Fine, its not.

Them as in them. Them are them.
Throw away my past and start a new future.

Kinda pissed 'coz sikit2 'Asma lah tu'.
Dude, im innocent. Not like you innit.
Anyway, we went to the library masa Maths.
And obviously i sat on the right, third row from the end table.
Coz, theres an aircond there.
Anyway, mase masuk Mrs//Ms Jessica was there so me and Q was like HYE MISS!!!
and she was like hye.
Heheh. and then Q said that Miss Jessica was gonna ask 'I' if he likes 'H' and thats so cool.
She like damn sporting. I wish i had her as my teacher.
Anyway, after that me and Q continued doing SHITcrappingCRAPshitting punya crap.
Patu we talked about T1 and 'imitating' it.
And then, kan Miss Jessica suka baca these letter thingies. So then Q macam nak suruh Miss Jessica baca.
Tak leh bla.
But she never.
And when she wanted to go down, me and Q was like BYE miss!!! Then she was like massaging my hand. LOL.
Then we had to go downstairs 'coz cikgu tak nak stay dalam PSS.
so we did. And then masa turun, 'PENDEK' was there, so i was like PENDEEKKK!!
and Pendek was like KEMMBBAANNGG!
bodoh jee.
Then mase nak naik Q said somin and Pendek was imitating her.
So, Q took my pencil case then chased Pendek and hit him.
Hahaha, agak lawak arr.
Then we went to the library, doing nothing.
Pastu kiteorg keluar and turun.
And then masa kat bawah, Pendek wrote KEMBANG on the board.
And i was like PENDEK, kau pehal? and we was like
P for Pendek
M for Me
P: Macam lah kau tak pendek
M: Memang arr aku tak pendek
P: Kau ngan bapak kau, sapa lagi pendek?
M: Aku arr.
P: Maknanya kau pun pendek
M: Fine then KETOT.
haha. so changed his nickname to KETOT.
Then masa agama.
Class: Ustazah punya rumah kat mane?
Ustazah: Kalau bagitau nanti mesti sume org dtg rumah ustazah.
Class: Memang lah.
Ustazah: Tak nak bagitau sbb nnt korang dtg rumah pastu ustazah kene bagi duit raya
Class: Memang lah.
Ustazah: Ustazah kan kedekut, nanti bagi duit raya kat korang, duit ustazah habis.
Class: Haha.
Ustazah: Haa, kalau nk dtg rumah ustazah, ade syaratnya
Class: Ape?
Asma: Bawak makanan sendiri?
Ustazah: Haaa, bawak makanan sendiri dan duit raya sendiri.

Then after that was KH, KH was not interesting.
It was boring. SO the end about my day.
Oh and, 'SHITcrappingCRAPshitting' might be published tomorrow,
Kena tunggu QAMARYNA-si-pelupa bagi kertas that she promised to give me before balik but didn't.

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