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18 September 2008 | Mercun?
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What a day?
I can't actually remember what i did.
But hey, i found my NRC07 punya card thingy.
NRC07 - National Robotics Competition 2007.

I miss robot club!
Robot club is how me and alya gotten closer, kot.

Anyway, school was annoyinggg..
Like seriously.
Bulan puasa ah weyh, can't you get a rest of bothering me?
I guess not.
Eheh. Nak buat kecoh tentang ayah aku pehal?
Ayah aku dah okay lahh. Kalau tak caya, kau tanya dia sendiri.
Naik kete triton wane hitam depan sekolah masa nak balik.
Hari2 dia ada.
Anyway, enough with the tounge thingy. :P

Move along, Move along.
I can't remember what i did.
I just remembered the people that sits behind me in class bothering me.
They make me mad, they piss me off.
And i think thats why my memorys' lost.
Haha. Anyway, suddenly they was like 'Asma, kau beli mercun kat mana?'
Dude, my dad won't even buy me bunga api, and you expect me to have mercun?
Anyway, last year pun beli Sparkles je, fine ade sparkles and masa kat kg baru dapat main mercun. Well, memang lah raya kat kg. But then mase kat kg bru dpt mercun.
Mercun ape tau yang dapat dimain saya?
Mercun mancis. HUAHAHAH.

Anyway, thats all i can remember about school.
So, after school. I mandied and stuff then we went to UIA.
ade Grand apentah.
well Grand 'buka puasa' in other words.
Which i don't know what.
Anyway, ramai gile student tak dapat makanan.
Tapi saya semestinya dapat sebab saya anak lecturer en.
Anyway, so they had ice cream yummy.
And i only had 2 cups of drinks.
WTH? sikit kan?
Anyway, it was paid off with SLURPEEE.
sluurrrpppp. sluuuurrrppp.
After the buka puasa thingy we went home.
We went to our other home.
And on the way there, there was 7ELEVEN.
The 7E at our McD. Yes OUR, wanna know why?
Because thats the McD we went to everyday before school.
Fine, not everyday.

Anyway, went home in search of my phone.
Tapi tak jumpa. :P
To let yano the truth, i dont even miss that house much.
Anyway, then i found my NCR07 punya thingy.
Then jumpa my 'unsolved crimes' punya buku.
Oh yeahh. At last, baru jumpa.
Bende tu pun nak bagi nurul.
i mean ada yang nak bagi nurul.
So finally, nurul punya 'hadiah' dah dijumpai.
thats it.

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