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09 September 2008 | Not Again...
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--Before School--

Not AGAIN???
This house is really hating me.
Third time man.
I seriously hate this house now.
My lips are all swolen.
And yeah, i blame the house.
(Thank God i'm not fasting, i can eat the ubat)

I had to retype this whole thing again.
Coz when i wanted to post it, my dad blocked the internet.

So, what happened?
Nothing happened actually.

Oral was alright.
Teacher said our group was the best for today.
But replies from the 'audience' wasn't that good.
But, oh well.

Then at rehat.
I went up, wanted to go to the library.
But then its closed.
So Q and Aliah went to pray.
Then we went downstairs to class.
A pengawas came and said we had to go downstairs.
But everyone was ignoring him.
So did we.
Then he said 'tak faham bahasa ke? Turun bawah ustaz tak bagi duduk kat atas'
Then i was like 'tak faham.'
Then Q and Aliah was looking at me weirdly.
They said that they didnt hear the pengawas saying it.
Then they started saying that i have that thingy in my ear to make people sound louder.
huhu. -.-'

Then rehat was over.
We had to go to the surau.
On the way up the pengawases from 1D was like 'rock'
and i kinda terasa coz my voice is kasar.
and i was like 'f*** them'
Then haziq said 'Dia carot siot'
and then i just went.

Then ngaji2.
Then sembahyang.
Then i went out of class.
Went downstairs.
Then it was KH.
After KH was home time.
So when i went out.
The same pengawases was there and they was like rock weyhh, rock...
So i was like 'aku tau lah korang jealous yang aku nye suare cam ni'
Then they just went, i guess.
After that i waited for Q to finish locking the doors.
Then went down.
then the pagar there was locked.
Jalan2 nak ikut tangga guru but Pn Farita yang teramat baiknya tidak benarkan kami lalu.
So we had to walk3. Then Pn Rosnah was there.
So then letak kunci kat bilik guru.
It was nearly closed.
And Q sbenanye tak nak.
But then, who can trust her?
Then turun bawah.
Hana cam marah2.
Then i went into the car.
And bladibladibla.


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