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07 September 2008 | Rap it up.
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Weekend's over.

What a BORRRIIINNGGG sundehh.
I woke up at 10. HAHA.
Then, urm. went downstairs.
Lipat-ed the baju.
Then went upstairs.
Then went back down.
My sis and parents went to buy stuff.
Then i went upstairs.
Played the comp.
Chatted with people.
Read dial L for LOSER.
Finished it.
Then went downstairs.
Then auntie gave SOTO. =D
I was talking about soto with ariffin. lol.
Then buka puasa.
After that CAMP ROCK.
I'm starting to like the JONAS.
and demi lovarto's alright. (that's her name right?)
what a fun sunday *sarcasm strikes*


Finally letting go,
loosin' all control.
Won't stop ourselves,
because we love it!

/ a loud introduction

Yelling, best view on Firefox!
silent noises,
readloudpost, readloudnightmares.

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