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06 September 2008 | School at the weekends.
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WHEEE. is going to be so fun.
Anyway, i woke up with a bengkak-ed lip.
And i was like wth man?
Then i went down and my dad was like too late, tak leh makan ubat.
(But I'm not fasting so i ate the ubat)
So now the swolen reduced. Thank God.

only 7 people from 1B came.
and just 3 malays.
1A & 1B had to combine.
and together we had 14.
so yeah, its balanced.
Anyway, we didnt even learn anything.
Like seriously.
We just talked all day.
It was boring.
except for Agama, acap latif can't stop bt joke then bt muke blurr.
ustazah was like terajang kang. and stuff.
but he kept continuing to do it.
Its stupid.
but funny.
Ohh. And Aliah knows about A1C.
and I was bullying Sahera about A1C.
And i was like lying to her and all.
Ahaha. but she knows.
Rupe-rupenya Aliah was rapat with A1C. huhu.
basically, thats all we did.
I know, its boringgg.
gahhh. ngantok ohh.

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