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13 September 2008 | Visitors from WM
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As Q say, it is boring to start a post with 'i woke up at ....' (well, thats what i think she said)
So, i want to start with something different, ooaa, i just did.
So how was that for a starting? I woke up at 9 after sahur and all.
I woke up, the first thing i did was switched on the comp, ohb-viously.
Then my dad called for breakfast. JOKEE.
Then my dad asked me to mandi 'coz we're going out.
Out is to Ikea++TheCurve++Tesco++TheStore.
So, i mandied and all.
Then, i went into the car.
After that, we went to ikea.
Then we bought some stuff, i forgotten what.
Then we walked across to The Curve.
To search for my brothers' jeans.
Tapi x terjumpa.
So i went around searching for a baju to Silk screen on, tp x jumpe jugak.
And there was like these 2 guys talking about perempuan yang dah hancur,
they was like Perempuan zaman sekarang memang lahh, dah lah pakai baju ketat2, jangan cakap yang tak pakai tudung.
and another guy said, haritu aku gi kelantan, ade pompuan melayu ni, warne rambut selambaja.
So after the curve.
I followed my dad to get the car while my mum, my sister and my brother went walking.
So we went into the carpark.
Then afterthat masuk tesco, beli some stuff.
I forgot.
Oh yeah, i bout 3 bottle of REVIVE and 3 of 100Plus;active
Then kuar.
Balik. i got home switched on the comp.
Then dosed off for a bit then my sister was like 'ADIKK. LIPAT BAJUU!!'
so i was like, finee.
i dragged my legs downstairs.
Then started to lipat.
A few seconds (i mean hours) afterthat,
our so called 'visitors' came.
Then i had to help my mum cook and stuff.
After that, i found out that they went to the park.
So i was like, mami please can i go to the park and she said yes.
But when my sister asked, she wont let her.
I was gonna take my bike, but SOMEBODY(kak ngah) stole it.
So i grabbed my basketball and started dribbling the ball to the park.
i mean the playground.
Its the small one just behind my house.
So i arrived, snatched my bike of kak ngah. :P
then started circleing the thingy.
Mak zam and kak nour pon ikot.
Mak zam rode hakims bike.
K.nour and M.zam said my bike was too tinggi.
is it? i guess im TALL then, LANKY, innit najib.
So then 10 pastt 7 balik rumah.
Then tolong sikit2. like pour the water.
THEN FINALLY, the time i've been waiting for a whole day BUKA PUASA.
makan soto. GILE BESTT.
And then i went to smayng.
Then mandi.
And then my bro was rushing me, nak pegi solat.
So sampai surau, me and k.ngah cam sesat. LOL.
first time pegi surau tu lahh! first and last kott.
takde org nk tmn lahh.
So then bladibladibla.
And here i am. =D

Tomorrow my cousins are comingg.
Yey me?
And nurul as well, kot YESSSS!!!!

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