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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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11 September 2008 | Watchit.Watchit.Watchit.
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School starts with english.
And in english we did some literature.
Which i dislike.
After teacher went out, cikgu came in.
Cikgu geo to be precise.
What did we do?
Listen to cikgu talking about...
Urm, i forgot?
Haha. Sorry.
After she went out.
Everyone raced to the makmal?
At the makmal. Nothing happened.
Everyone was just standing outside, lining up waiting for ...
NOTHING = teacher.
haha. How mean.
When 'nothing' arrived, me and Q took our time opening our shoes and stuff.
the computer room smells like HELL.
seriously man.
So then we as in me and Q and aliah and nadia went out.
Then i gave nadia my book to bring back to class. Thank You. =D
Then i went to pray.
After i prayed. I put on my shoes. Then i was stuck at the stairs.
Wanna know why?
Because there was 'useless' pengawases down there.
Fine, they're not useless. huhu.
And ustaz amin was also there bring a rotan. Oh yeahh.
I wish it was a whip though. it hurts more.
And the prefects was just looking from outside the class.
The class as in 1D. I think, that they think, people getting sebat-ed needs audience?
Anyway. Q was like 'kejap nak ambik buku dalam kelas, thank you'
Then she repeated it again. IDK why.
Then she took my book. went to the library.
Then bunyi loceng, went downstairs in to class.
Cik Hanifah came in and asked to us to bt latihan.
I ripped a page of my note book.
Then started writing.
Cikgu: Sape tulis atas kertas
*Asma puts her hand up*
Cikgu: semalam pun tulis atas kertas kan?
Asma: *nods*
Cikgu: Hari ni pun atas kertas kan?
Asma: *nods*
Cikgu: Esok pun tulis atas kertas kan?
Asma: *shaking head*
Cikgu: Esok kalau tulis atas kertas lagi nanti duduk luar
Asma: *Nods*
HAHA. angguk angguk geleng geleng.
Yeah, i had a headache and a tummy ache. so i was like WTH do i care?
Anyway. after Agama was SEJ.
SEJ, what else do you think we did other than latihan? NOTHING..
after that it was BM.
BM, salin that thingy. but i didn't salin, coz im clever enough.
JOKE. i didn't 'coz i already did in Seksyen 5.
After Bm was PKandPJ.
That cikgu didnt come.
so i read my book.
then got bored.
then i went to Q, she was like urghh stop annoying me.
then i was like nak kertas tuu.
and she said kertas ape?
and then i said kertas tu lah
and then she said ohh. then she took it out of her pocket.
and then i went back to my seat and read
then i got off the chair and went to farah's chair
Then i heard someone say 'the clique'
or somin like that.
And faris was looking at my book.
while Omar (watever his name is) was sitting on my chair.
So faris saw me looking so he put the book down.
then that guy who's sittin on my chair picked it up and read it and stuff.
so i was just standing behind that guy.
faris and acap was like laughing.
and that guy was like ape.
and then he turned around and was like shocked.
it was kinda funny.
so then bladibladibla.
Im frozen.

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