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05 October 2008 | AKU SUDAH KAYA.
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Aku sudah kaya dan sudah bertambah kedekut!
Padahal, kaya RM2. haha.
Anywayy, Fun week, this week.

So, on Thursday, I went back to kampung.
And then lepak2 kejap.
Then terus pergi rumah orang.
So dapat lah duit raya en. :P
Then balik ke kg.
After that lepak2.
And then pegi beraya lagi. And it was at night.
And we were all CRAZYYY!!!
seriously man, main kat luar, main mercun at rumah orang sume.
We're suppose to sit inside and sit down, but instead pegi luar, patu main mercun.
Main lompat2 and stuff. it was real fun.
And angah isap rokok kat depan budak2 kecik (us).
And that is a kelakuan yang tidak baikk. Bodoh Ohh.
anyway, then pegi rumah lain. then balik rumahh.
After that main mercun, LAGI! Wheee.

On friday ada marhaban at our house.
yes OUR.
hehe. So pak ngah masak tomyam.
while mak tok rebus mee.
while mami potong2
while papa potong ayam
while fuzah, aisyah & hakim letak pinggan kat depan.
then lepas marhaban, we had to clean up the front.
And then after, i brought all the stuff to the kitchen i went to Busu's house.
And over there pon kene kemas2.
heee. `
Then lepas kemas.

I went to JB.
Nak singgah rumah auntie fatihah but no one answered the phone.
So off we went to JB.
Then kat JB pegi rumah Kak Maria then we went to someones house, i think.
Then pegi ke rumah Atok Tatil.
We slept over there.
Malam tu, lepas makan, we all went to the park to play with fireworks..
memekak malam2.
Then masuk balek rumah pegi tgk tv.
We watched Rempit vs Impak Maksima.
then after that cite, Dorang pasang cite hantu.
Ape lagi, tido arr! takut sioott.
dah lah dorang bt volume kuat gile.
But then i fell asleep.

Then the next day, Woke up, And mandied.
Then makan nasi goreng.
Then went to rumah Tok Yim.
At Tok Yim's, i ate kerepek ubi.
Sampai habis satu jar. :D
Then Tok Yim keluarkan satu bag of those kerepek
And like lots of biscuits and chocolates.
hehe. Then pegi Batu Pahat.

We went to Tok Wan's and ate keropok udang.
Then makan mee.
Then lepak2. and main comp on my dad's Lenovo S10.
And then Tok Dah masak.. And kene makan again.
After that pegi tengok TV.
Then balik ke Muar.
But to thingy's house.
Don't know her name.
and we finished liek 2 jars of kerepekk.
We as in, me hakim and aisyah.
And we played cherades. And then my dad marah.
So then we stopped.
Then pegi rumah next to it.
Then balik to our house.
Our house means my kampung.
which means my grandparent's house.

And only pak ngah and mak tok was at home.
Busu went to Tok Wek's house.
So then mak tok wanted to go, but someone came.
after that they went.
Then my family and pak ngah's. was like lepaking.
And then nak keluar pegi rumah Bibik (Aunt).
Then busu asked us to wait for her.
and we went off without busu coz she was still far away.
Then at Bibik's house we waited for busu.
Then busu came.
And we played fireworks.
Then we went to other people's house. but they werent there.
So pak ngah and busu went to Rumah sapentah.
And my family without hakim went to rumah Mak long.
Then makan2. sedap ohh!!
Then balikk.
Tidoo. and when i slept, i keep waking up.
Coz Harith Daniel (tukar th with s jadi Mr. D) was kacau-ing me.
Then i went to sleep for reall.

So then came sunday.
Urghh. and sunday means balik SA.
Which means tak leh stay at kg.
Which means its the end of the holidays.
Which means, today.
So didn't do anything this morning.
Just in the car.
And here i am. Talking about my week.
Anywayyy. Im gonna upload some pictures.

Duit Raya currently:
Kuala Selangor : RM 37
Johor : RM69 (RM22 from Tok Wan's family)
Wangsa Maju : RM 55 (RM50 from Mak Zam. RM5 from Kak Ngah)
Total: RM 161

Oh yeah, Tok Wan's family gave 'anak2 Hamid' RM22.
But they gave the others of 'cucu2 Misnan' less. Tee Hee.

May god make your life easier and may you live longer.

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