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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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18 October 2008 | Asma'sOpenHouse.
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I had to run all around the house.
First i had to show FDee to my sister's.
Then Syaza came.
Then Syahirah and Hariz came.
Then macam tak tau nak layan so i just played with Harith.
He's cute, kan korang?
Then they went to the park.
I went out searching for them and finally I called my sister then I went to the park.
Played on that horse thingy. And I was like talking about POLLUTION.
Coz one of the guys just left a POLYESTERINE cup.
Then some guy started saying 'FUCK' and I was like.
"I'm only 13, do you mind minding your words?"
And then he was like ''Whaa?''
And then I said ''Don't teach me how to swear, I'm still young''
Then hezrin went ''Shame on you, Shame on you''
Then I went back to my house while Q and Marcella went to Syaza's.
Then Syahirah naik atas and Hariz, tengok my pictures at Cheetwood Community Primary School.
Then they went home, I went to eat with kak ngah.
Then Entah, IDK what happened.
Ohh, and I just knew that Syafiq, my bro's friend is actually adik asyraf and anak kepada uncle latif.
Then kak lang came, pergi secret recipe, BELI FUZAH'S CAKE. Utk birthday dia.
Then balik.
Then all the nasi briyani, bwk pegi rumah anak yatim di Selayang. I really feel sorry for them though i didn't go.


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