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17 October 2008 | Boo! Scary!
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I remembered having this same title long time ago.

'Benda' and T1
Rehat and HUJAN!
Hariz kene marah ngan Fitri. (Fun looking at Hariz kene marah)
Kicking S out of FAQS for fun but she took it seriously.
Pergi library (Aliah2. TskTskTsk)
Aliah moody.
Finally, Mak Zam!

Owh, this is just the index. Im scared that I'll forget it.

I'm gonna do it with 'subtitles'

'Benda' and T1
So, when i arrived in school, obviously, I've solat.
But, Aliah and Marcella haven't so i 'escorted' them to the surau.
When we arrived Marcella froze and stared.
And then I was looking where Marcella was staring. Didn't see anything.
Then we went to tempat ambil wudhuk.
Then went inside the surau and again Marcella suddenly stared and she said something.
So apa lagi? AKU LARI LAHH dengan membaca ayat kursi di dalam hati. So they didn't pray.
Pastu sampai tangga. I stopped and put my shoes on. And again Marcella froze and stare.
I didn't do anything. Then, i ran down the stairs. Sampai lah bawah. Then we started to tell stories about the 'benda-benda'.
Then, Aliah, Marcella and Me walked back to the canteen. I was the one nearest to the surau's block and Aliah was next to me. Suddenly, Aliah kinda poked me and started coughing. So I was like F'fin scared and I jumped and straight ran to Aliah, I WAS DAMN SCARED!!! Rupa-rupanya, Aliah did that because T1 was there and he was looking at every single damn thing.

Rehat and Hujan!
When i went to buy a drink, 'friend ditcher' Qamaryna and Aliah went walking around at the parking lot. JOKEE. you guys are not friend ditcher. I was just kidding. Q, jangan marah.
Well, I saw them there, so i drank my drink up quickly then ran up to them. Then Q wanted a drink. MASALAH BETULL!! Then it started to rain. After that, the bell rang, Hariz and who was it? didn't let us in until Ustaz Amin came. ;) But they didn't get told off. *SIGH*

Hariz kene marah ngan Fitri.
HUAHAHAHAHA!!! and another HUAHAHAHAHA!!! and another HUAHAHAHAHA!!! and one last one HUAHAHAHAHA!!!.
And that means 'PADAN MUKA KAUU'.
Well, Hariz keeps picking on me, sikit2 Asma sit down, Asma shut up when i didn't even stand or talk.
Okayy, so back to the part.
Fitri is the ketua pengawas Form 1 (Farah said) and when Nabil and Fitri passed our class, Hariz was sitting on the table. So Fitri was like 'JANGAN DUDUK ATAS MEJA' he didn't shout though, but it sounds 'tegas'. Then Hariz just smiled and buat bodoh. So apa lagi. I WAS REAL MAD! He keeps picking on me and now i was like 'time to revenge'. So what did I do?
I was like ''Hariz, you heard him, innit? Get off the table. When I do something wrong, you marah me then i stop doing it, innit? Now he told you off, why won't you get off?"
Then people was like Ooooo and he just stared at me then got off the table. So, yes, I was angry. But I have to apologize. SORRY MANN!!! I was real PISSED, so like SORRRRRYYY!

Q made a new design for the t-shirt that we've been waiting patiently for. But, cikgu keeps delaying. Urgghh. Anyway, the new design looks NICE! It was coool.

Kicking S out of FAQS for fun but she took it seriously.
So, we wanted to kick S out for fun because she's actually annoying. So we wrote this letter and she asked why. And i said because she didn't do her work. So she was like fine. Then i said to her it was a joke, then i don't know. She takes it too seriously mann.

Pergi library (Aliah2. TskTskTsk)
Buat sakit hati je, tapi takpe. Well, I was on the stairs then something happened. Kinda embarrasing could i say?
And then we masuk library. And we was MENGUTUK-ing ONLY-WE-KNOW-WHO. We as in, you don't need to know.

Aliah moody.
Aliah been moody after the library thingy.
I thought it was because of me, but she said it's not.
*shrugs* if it is, i'm sorry, i was only joking.

Finally, Mak Zam!
Went in the car and Mak Zam was there. Then went to Auntie Faridah's house to pick up the cake for tomorrow.

Please come people!

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