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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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16 October 2008 | Boredom STRIKES again.
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Let's learn GEOGRAPHY

Asma Hamid:
my cactus is dead
Asma Hamid: its bent
Mohd Misnan: yeah .. because you hardly water it
Asma Hamid: my teacher said that cactus doesn't need to be watered
Mohd Misnan: weekly!!!
Asma Hamid: she said that at the desert, rain only come around 3 days in a year and cactus can live
Mohd Misnan: that is different kind of cactus
Mohd Misnan: you see how huge the cactus that live at the desert
Asma Hamid: she didn't say that there are different types of cactus
Mohd Misnan: they stored water ..
Mohd Misnan: your cactus is so small ..
Asma Hamid: don't these one store water?
Mohd Misnan: camne nak hidup sendiri
Asma Hamid: *shrugs.* im not a cactus
Mohd Misnan: i've got another 3 if you like .. one gone already

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