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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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26 October 2008 | D80.
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Woke up and went for breakfast.
Then to buy some plants for IDK what.

Then off to ANCORP MALL!!!
At Ancorp, went around because Jason from J-one still haven't open J-one.
So had to wait for him. Went around and around until he opened.
Luckily we arrived and asked for the D80 early because the one we got was the last one and after we was looking at the D80 some guy came and asked for it. PHEWH, if we came late, it would have been gone and I'll have to wait another year. :P Got A D80, S600 Flash and an 18-105mm VR. It costs more than the D80 kit. So urm.. :P. 

Then we went to thingy's house. Then lepak2 jap tungg kenduri habis and after that makan. After we ate we went to another person's house then we went home. So here I am, showing off my D80. :P

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