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16 October 2008 | Damn! Life's getting harder.
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Am I getting more and more arrogant as the days past?

I mean, I feel like I'm 'giddy-er' than long time ago.
As in, now i feel more happy. Remember long time ago, just after i moved here? I used to be all quiet, unhappy and missing people. But look at me now, all cheerful and smiling all the time.
Now, i rarely comment with people that i used to comment. Well, I don't because they never 'tegur' me. Fine, I'm not expecting people to 'tegur' me. But atleast when i comment, reply lah. Long time ago, people rarely don't reply my comments. Now, people rarely reply my comments and i think, that is what makes me arrogant. People don't reply my comments until even I'm not bothered commenting.

Or probably, I'm busy making myself happy and accompanied that i forget to accompany people.

Ouh, i know. AGE. Must be age. People gets older everyday and the older they get, more mature they become.

So is it the people or me?
I DON'T FEEL THAT I'M ARROGANT though I think I am.

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