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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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08 October 2008 | Forgo'en the fun.
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Well, this morning.
When i was eating.
wait more of, at midday.
Well, me and my sister was downstairs.
And i was talking to her about my 'comebacks'
And then we was like swapping comebacks and all.
And i can't believe i forgotten how fun my sister is.
Yeahh, dulu2 when we shared room, we used to fight and all.
Now we don't, and most of the time we meet, we'll fight.
But our 'fights' sudah berkurangg.
And now i am not missing it. :P

Kayy. Nextt.
School was STUPID.
knape tak bgtau je tak de class?
I bet esok pon x de.
So, girls had to stay dlm class, duin nothin.
and the guys stayed at the dewan dengan ceramah cikgu abu zarin.
And we played this game, and sape kalah kene jentik.
Well, 'Jane' jentik my tangan sampai tak rasa pape.
yeahh. it kills.

And just b4, i was like fighting with my bro using 'comebacks'
it was funny.

Oh, yeahh. my sister tengah fill in the RAE test borang.
me and nurul are desperate to take em.
can't wait til next year.
Next year, lepas dah dpt callsign. (If god will)
nnt, on the way pegi skolah boleh berQSO ngan nurul.

ohh, and Q, i'll update the asma-fullofsecrets.
at 10.

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