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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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22 October 2008 | Haha. Padan Muka!!!
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So,i arrived in school seeing Aliah so I was like 'Hey!'.
Then, poofed from nowhere, Qamaryna. (It sounds like I'm introducing everyone)
Then she showed me her NOSE! Yesterday, we played 'Badut' innit, and because of that her NOSE luka! But as i said, at home time yesterday she pinched my nose innit? So Payback innit?
And then, Q wanted to walk around so we did. Then we had to line up. And again, we did.
The form 2s had to change classes to the bottom ones.
Then I went out and I can't remember what I did.
We played badut! Yeah, BADUT, AGAIN!
At Breaktime we played badut and I fell into the drain. So when I kinda fell I was like Q! then i grabbed on to her and got up. If not, i would of fallen into the drain.
Oh yeahh, then pegi surau, masa turun ustaz amin marah sbb bising sangat. Huahahahah.
Farah went all 'moody' after that. Then we was called to go downstairs. But I wanted to give the pass solat first. So I did and terserempak dengan Cikgu Hashim (that's his name right?) and we asked why we had to go to the dewan. And he was like for the hadiah for the highest merit. And he was like ''nak rm50 tak?'' and we went ''naknak''
Bu instead of giving it, he just showed it to us, it seems like he's trying to rub it in our face (expression).
Then we went down and we can't fit in the dewan! So like SHITT!
and Farah was like ''it's all your fault asma!'' and i said ''well, you're the one that wanted to follow'' then Miss Jessica, out of nowhere went ''Squeeze yourself in!'' and she said somin else which i can't remember.
I like Miss Jessica, she's like kind and all. =D
We sat right at the back and they were giving the prize out, and guess who won?
3rd place - This chinese girl from 1A
2nd place - Nohan
1st place - Mr Teacher's pet!
Huahahaha! No, I'm not insulting just complimenting. ;)
Yeah, 1st place went to Fitri, surprise surprise *sarcasm*.
And he got pelajar terbaik aswell.
Well, Congratz Mr Teacher's pet.
He is a teacher's pet man! I'm only telling the truth.
Oh, then we went home. At the pak guard place, I shaked hana and squeezed Q's nose than she ran for me. Ouch! Then I went home.
The END.

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