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24 October 2008 | HardHardHard
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English was alright. Not too easy not too hard. Our english was collected late so Me and FDee was like ‘‘SHHH!’’ To everyone who passed. Sampai penat ohh!

So after English I went downstairs to the canteen. I got a drink and then we (as in Q, Aliah and Hana) went to the car park. I was telling them about what I did for Section C.

Me: Weyh¸ kan ada zahid, budak lagi satu tu nama dia apa?

Q: Dolah

Me: Alaaa!!!!

Q: Kenapa?

Me: Aku buat BADUL.

Everyone LAUGHED THEIR ASSED OFF. And no, I aint exxagarating.

Aliah: Kau tau tak Badut tu apa? Badut tu clown. *While laughing*

Me: Aku tak cakap ...

Q: Hahaha! BADUT! Dia buat Badut!

Hana: Hahahaha! Badut

Me: *tears rolling* wait wait wait!

Q: Haha BADUT!

Me: Aku cakap badul lahh! *while laughing*


Me: *Stopped laughing with tears rolling down* aku kata badul lahh!

Aliah: Ohhh. Nama dia bukan badul nama dia dolah! *laughs*

Me: Eee. Stop it lahh.



Me: Korang tak dengar ke loceng? Cepatlahh!

Then we all went into the class.

Then teacher asked me to get her bag on her desk.

Q: I’m gonna bring the bag

Asma: No! I am, she asked me to, not you!

Q: I’m gonna bring the bag *walks faster*

Asma: But she asked me to! Not you! *grabs on to Q*

Q: Haha! I got the bag! *grabs the bag*

Asma: Give it to me! She asked me to!

Q: Fine *gives Asma the bag* but I’m going first.

Asma: OMG! Nah lahh!

Q: Haha. *smirks*

*On the way to class*

Q: I’m gonna tell teacher that you don’t want to help her!

Asma: OMG! Mann!

*In class*

Q: Teacher, Asma didn’t want to help you.

Teacher: *nods*

Asma: TEACHER! She’s lying, when she gave me the bag, she said if she can’t carry it she’ll go to class without me.

Teacher: *nods*

Teacher: Everyone KEEP QUIET and put your bags at the back.

Then we did out Maths. Someone put the soalan on a table. Well one of the soalan, tentang prime numbers. Taa Man!! =D Haha. But Maths was damn confusing. I ended out *TOOTTOOOTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT*. Then hantar kertas. After that I asked everyone if on number 17, I’m suppose to add p and q together. Ada yang cakap kene ada yang cakap tak. But Fariz cakap tak payah and he’s the so-called-cleverest in class so I’ll go with him. And its also because, I DIDN’T TAMBAH. RKians or whatever you call yourself, HELP PLEASE? Then BALIIIIKKKK!!!

And now, I’m suppose to Mandi. And im doing this on Word. Not Blogger.

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